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    Lol well im still buying next "ELTE 2.0 PREMIUM" so YEAAAAAA..

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    We already got it extended a month.

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    I have not read the 6 pages of responses, because honestly I don't want to sift through them. This is soley a response to the OP, so I apologize if someone has already said something similar.


    Nowhere in any of the Elite advertising did they say anything about this cancelling out the existing contract with Microsoft. You were foolish to think that it would. Everything comes out a month early for XBox, it has for a while and assuming they re-up after this title it will for the forseeable future.


    I personally think Elite has been a solid deal. I didn't buy it for the website, the clan ops and things of that nature. I bought Elite for the DLC. I prepaid for the DLC and get it a bit earlier then everyone on PS3. Seems like a solid deal in my book. I don't see why people complain. You knew this was how it was going to be, they didn't trick you into buying Elite with false promises

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    I don't know if anyone has really noticed or taken interest but my son plays on the xbox and i bought the elite pack for him.. How many people were in the elite play lists when i had a few game with him..... over 250k !!!


    How many are in the playlists on PS3.... 7k if your lucky...


    I'm not defending activision, IW etc but which market would you cater to given that this was your company and you had share holders etc to keep happy..


    We can moan and complain all we want.. i'd rather keep 250k customers and loose 7k than the other way around.

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    esmorgue wrote:


    We already got it extended a month.

    Didn't hear about that. That's cool. Can't seem to find it. Got a link?

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    It got extended around when the game first came out. It was in the announcements section up top. iif0xii might have taken it down by now though.

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    its a rip off for ps3 players but in my opinion its a bit like some things in prestege shop

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    i agree i payed and i get the maps way later than xbox360 elite is a totall rip off i dont care about elite anymore i dont even use the titles and emblems

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    ive just got elite on my xbox360 and its great ive got these awesome maps and new spec op modes and i can do wat i did when the call of duty elite beta was up which is wat  was apart of and what i can do now it the compete which is fun missed doin it and well i dnt have elite for my ps3 mw3 yet because listening to u all sayin when u get the maps made me turn off but i will get it for ps3 when black ops 2 comes out because of the zombies be some good extras for zombies if u get elite and the only reasion i got elite for xbox360 is because of the DLC because i get them early n their already payed for and its cheaper then buying them all here in australia im defantly getting elite for ps3 because i will get it with black ops 2 if they are giving it with the game again and also here in australia and also in nz the map packs on the ps3 are $22 not $15 but $22 so paying $66 for the sub and 4 map packs coming equaling to nearly $90 is a $40 cheaper so here in australia and nz elite is a good thing for DLC and seen all comments from the 1st and 5th and 6th sections and what u should know is some of u are right its the u get the maps b4 all ps3 non elite members not also the ps3 n xbox360 non elite members xbox360 gets them first no matter wat that was the deal and if u didnt know that then u shouldnt be going off at activision for ur poorly mistaken self xbox360 gets it first no matter how much u pay so get over it u get it b4 all ur ps3 non elite members thou thats a plus and u get some maps b4 non elite xbox360 players do plus anyways xbox360 players pay more for things on xbox360 so u all got it good on the ps3 n which is why microsoft dose it cause they know if u got a xbox360 u play cod so they did it for us u dnt pay for a sub for ps3 so what u expect sony to pay a large sum so u all get it same time or first ? for nothing just for his love for his customers ? no u want that u go to xbox360 n pay for a yearly or monthly or 6 month sub then u get all the goods untill then deal wat u got ok