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Call of Maturity - Get in shape for some serious dialogue


As some might know, great things could be coming to town. As you can see here (http://community.callofduty.com/message/205339941#205339941) we might get a sticky thread where we can get in dialogue with actual developers, listening, answering questions and maybe solving some of our problems.


To be honest I have no freaking idea how this is going to look like since we got a lot of hooligans in here and Activision needs to hire a whole team of mods just to keep this one thread neat and tidy, removing all insulting and irrelevant stuff that people write when they are angry or bored.


I read a thread over here where many people stated that they are well above 12 years. Even though not every member revealed his age I can't estimate if this is potentially a mature forum but let's all pretend it is. Let's get one step further and imagine every posting you replie to was made by a person like you. He might be some years older or younger, like different music, has a different playstyle, etc. Let's pretend you are not five steps ahead and can read between the lines and know what he implies. Let's pretend you don't like what he says but are able to understand his perspective. Let's pretend you treat him with respect.


When I say respect, there's two different meanings in my language as is in your's. Of course a certain kind of respect has to be earned but everybody starts with a ceertain level of respect. That kind of respect that if someone said "I have problems with this game" you wouldn't reply "go f**k you and get some skills, kid". I know that's easy to write and get's you some activity points but you wouldn't dare to tell them in their faces, right? Why? He could beat you or you could see how you insulted him and feel sory. Internet keeps you safe from this but do you really feel the need to abuse it?


So let's try to show them (Activision, IW, whoever considers talking to us) and most of all to yourself that you can do better than this. Show them a COD player has Manners-Pro equipped and attacks with Constructivity Perks. Let's not answer where you got nothing more to say than STFU and punish an unpopular OP to page twelve on the index. Let's not whine where it's not easy BUT possible to deal with. Let's give some sympathy for those in bad need even this is not our need. In short, let's be a little more mature


P.S. I know I haven't acted very mature in a lot of issues even though i consider myself a pretty reasonable guy. So I'm going to take the challenge to be a better member. Can you too?