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mp7 vs pp90m1


why do people consider the mp7 to be better than the pp90m1 when its rate of fire is less?


what are the pros/cons for both weapons?

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    mp7 is more accurate than all assault rifles except the acr, so mp7 has good close range performance over assault rifles and only slightly worse long range performance.  pp90 has high damage up close and a massive rate of fire, it is a true cqc champion but it degrades to a 6 bullet kill at range and has far more recoil than mp7 so it is relatively hard to use past 70 ft. or so.

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    MP7-Nice iron sights, no recoil, fast enough ROF, retardedly accurate even when not ADS.

    PP90M1-Fast ROF

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    MP7 is much more useful than any other smg at longer range. It's basically an assault/smg hybrid.

    PP90 deals a lot more damage at close range and if you have steady aim will hipfire like a god.

    Bottom line: Equip the pp90 with rapid fire and xmags with steady aim and you'll own on maps like dome and akaden Equip the MP7 wiht the same and you'll own on maps like bootleg and hardhat. Both are useful on other maps in certain situations but all around the MP7 is more versatile.

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    I have been seeing alot of MP7 MOAB's on youtube lately . proberbly says it all

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    I honestly prefer the PM-9 over all SMG's except maybe the UMP on some maps. But bwtween the MP7 and PP90 I like the feel of the MP7 a little bit better but the rate of fire to damage ratio good be better for my play style. Take the UMP, its higher damage makes up for its lower RoF. That being said I really do like the feel of the MP7 and I do use it to sitch things up. The PP90 is the exact same as the PM-9 but the PP90 as a tad slower RoF. Also like most I like the sights better on the MP7. Recoil on both is little to none.

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      u go by stats too much. the mp7 has the most accuracy of all and no recoil. it has the fastest ttk also which means time to kill. so its the best overall. the pp90 is a beast up close and can do well at range if u burst fire it. they are both equal because mp7 is good a medium to long and the pp90 is good at short to medium. they both equally good. just better at different things

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    Love the PP90 w RF. Feels like your aiming a jackhammer.

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    i dont like either of thes guns and dont use them that much but the pp90 is a frickin beast in small maps like hardhat dome lol

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    So it's official lol


    Mp7 has better accuracy than all assault rifles except the acr


    It has the fastest time to kill lol


    And someone got a Moab with it on YouTube




    There's a Moab with every gun on YouTube


    The mp7 isn't more accurate than all assault rifles except the acr


    It's not got the fastest time to kill either.


    It's threads like these why everybody uses it.


    Facts are the range on it isn't that great and you will get out gunned at range. Up close the other smgs will dump on it.


    The gun is over used because people tell each other bullshit about it