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silent's ffa guide :D

Hey forum, well i played some ffa again and i see thaat there arent that much people with high kd's in ffa.... well here are some tips to dominate and ffa match


Use an smg why? because there are moments without uav's and you run through a door and see someone..


Use a portable radar! so you got one area thats save and you can dominate it.


Assasin is one of the greatest perks for ffa.. you will not be spotted by uav's

dead silence comes in to so you can be noticed.


Try to stay active in the map or you wont get that many kills... but keep one area save (portable radar momen)


My favourite setup


mp7 kick rapid fire




dead silence




steady aim

extreme conditiong

sleight of hand.


Well hope this helped a little... and post some other things that you like to use...


Well thanks for reading and game on


Like lancer and me people found out tha shotguns are easy to level in ffa, so use this tip to level those hard guns!

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    My FFA experience.


    Akimbo. Akimbo. Striker. SMAW. Akimbo. Ragequit

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    Nice job but IMO there is no point in using Kick on the MP7. Barley any recoil and its a predictable pattern that's easy to control. I don't think a lot of people really understand when they should be using kick as most of the time I see it on weapons that already have little to no recoil.

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    Don't forget to make fun of dazran if you see him

    I kid you silent.

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    Quicker guide to FFA - run around and shoot noobs quicker than the one other decent player in the lobby. I'm joking but the competition in FFA is pretty poor.

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    FFA=7 people camping with FMGs and you trying to find them.

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    Silent...Good thread.  Try this setup.  I've been using it and averaging 30-8 in FFA.


    MP7 w/ Attachment Proficiency

    Rapid Fire




    Portable Radar or Stuns


    Sleight of Hand


    Steady Aim





    Blast Shield


    My reasoning is this.  With Hardline on - 1 Kill gets you assassin and you won't go through all your ammo after 3 kills so scav works perfectly there. 


    Give it a try and let me know what you think.



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      This is mine


      Type 95 (trollolol) w/Attachments

      Rapid fire












      extreme conditioning



      I got to 21 kills in a row with this until I reached the score limit. noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. Its the closest iv ever gotten to a MOAB

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        And of course did i try infinitlags class to and...



        well the weapon... yea type 95.. really not my kind of weapon. And i went horrible with this weapon in the past and i needed to level it up first for rapid fire (was level 2 lol)



        the class is good only the weapon is your own choice..


        SOH hardline marksman : soh faster reloading and faster weapon switch.. good choice hardline 1 kill lesss for killstreaks  nice choice but i prefer quickdraw on the type 95. Then marksman always a good class for weapons like the type 95 and of course sniper rifles... your specialist setup si very good to i almost use the same normally (only diffirence is sitrep i have dead silence as last perk)


        My score : 30-18   not good for me in an ffa



        the class is good  only the type 95 is for people who can use it good..... and i cant xD                ty for sharing the class infinitlag

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      Hey bg long time..



      Well i tryed and i most say that i really like it and will use it more...  well lets start what i think :


      MP7 w/ Attachment Proficiency  : double attachments always good

      Rapid Fire : i use rapid fire to and really like it so thats a + to

      X-Mag : faster rate of fire and more bullets... very nice


      Semtex : always useful but i prefer the throwing knife

      Portable Radar or Stuns  : portable radar for me.. i suggest this one.. and you probly to.. with the p radar you have one area safe... you get easy kills because you know that they are there and you can play a little slower in that area ( instead of rushing)


      Sleight of Hand : fast reloading is a good combo with the mp7

      Hardline : one kill extra perk very usefull

      Steady Aim : you can use the mp7 as a spray weapon so with steady aim its very deadly


      Specialist : i prefer scav as a specialist first perk because im not that accurate  with te bullets



      blast shield : why b shield? do you like it because you dont have that much damage from explosives?



      i used bad gas his class in a game on arkaden.. and got 30-6  so i really like this class


      overall a very good setup..  the only thing that i would change is blast shield. I use dead silence as last unlocked perk ty for the telling the forum this class

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    UMP45 Range Rapid Fire (It's recoil makes it so it always aims towards the targets head)

    MP9 Suppressed


    Scavenger Pro

    Hardline Pro

    Steady aim Pro


    Assassin --> Sleight of Hand --> Quickdraw


    I raped Ai so hard with this class juicy tried to SMAW me


    Btw Porkins/Arab gg on mission domi

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    You sould note that FFA is also a great way to lvl up shotguns like the AA-12 (I got it lvl 28 in less then 6 hours).