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MW3 Season of Content, or Season of Disappointment?

Is it just me, or do you guys/girls find the Season of Content to be disappointing too?


Just 12 new maps, 6 new missions, and 2 new modes?


I can deal with just 12 new maps. But, I hardly play any of the missions in this game, I haven't even stepped foot in the campaign, and don't really plan on it. So, for me the 6 missions don't really add much for me.


Here's a thought, add zombies or aliens to survival, or have options for only juggernauts, or only dogs.


And, only 2 new modes? (New modes should be included in every Title update)


I was really hoping for an update for 4-player survival, or added guns, something to really add to the game, not just a couple of new modes.


How many of you would like to see more out of the Season of Content?