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     It appears your title is Creative Strategist, but you are doing PR work for IW. I have seen your twitter page, and although you say you read every tweet, I am amazed by how many people have asked for the PS3 DLC release date, and go un aswered. If you are indeed a PR guy for IW I would expect an answer, and if you don't know can you please find out.


I am a PR guy for my company, at times, but mostly in meetings with customer's, and the right answer is NEVER, I don't know. Try something similar to, I will find out and get back to you shortly. Now shortly means shortly not months or weeks, a couple days at most.


The community on the forums is waiting Mr. Bowling. Can we please have an answer? Or, direct the question to some one who can answer it, and post back to us.


Thank You


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