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Video Games - Golden age over?

My friend and I were talking about our frustrations the other day over both the new assassin's creed as well as MW3 and just multiplayer games in general. It seems that ever since companies have realized that they can take an otherwise beloved game and turn them into complete whores. I think most players who have stuck around will agree CoD4 was and in many ways still is the standard which all fast paced FPS games are now compared to, but that was long before it was a franchise of any renown and the developers were likely trying to make a fun game. Even assassin's creed has seen dumbing down of multiplayer and that's only between two games. Let's not forget Gears 3 where shotgun rushers which made up a large part of the community and were overlooked to favor accessibility (I would know because Gears 3 was the first one I could do well in). And of course, Halo leaving the BR for the DMR. The point is, in looking to make games accesible, developers are officially lowering the standards of multiplayer gaming communities EVERYWHERE. This isn't exclusive o CoD its something that is starting to take place across the board particularly in the realm of multiplayer.


For many gamers, the struggle to get good at mastering a particular skill in a game is part of what made them fun. You struggle die, but are eventually able to reach and exceed others skill levels as you play the games and develop appreciation for the unique subset of gaming skills required for each. Now that gaming has been overrun by console jocks looking to boost their stats rather than actually play the game at face value, it seems that companies have seen this as an opportunity for monetary game and are making their games in such a fashion in which everyone can pick up a game several years into it and through the games "accessibility" be good at it with no experience or time investment whatsoever. Granted, there will always be the naturals at a game, but for many of us this skillset is earned it not simply given. However, it seems that the more accessible games become the more player growth is thrown out the window in favor of game mechanics in where that one stupid player can kill you out of nothing more than sheer bad luck as opposed to good gameplay.


Lets face it, games are simply not aimed at being good anymore. They're aimed at producing profit margins by pumping out games like a foundry which is winnible by that 8 year old you want to punch in the face over the internet. Kind of an irony considering one (good games) produces the other (profit).

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    There is still FPS games made that need skill.



    Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad

    Battlefield 3



    Counter Strike: Global Offensive

    Arma 3

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    The problem is not everyone wants to play games for skill. Some just want to play for fun and dieing all the time to somone that is better is not fun. Not everyone that plays fps games is a competitive player trying to be the best. Some just enjoy playing the game regardless of how well they do at times as long as it is fun.


    And yes the skill gap has been closed and eventually will not even exist in games at all. Because the main objective to all companies in this day and age is to make money, and they do that by selling games. So the more it sales the more they make. Its not about making a game for those that care about skill or pride and honor or respect and fear in a game. Because at the heart of it all these are just games for many people are meant for enjoyment and fun and a means to relax and waste some time away from the rat race of life. Not as another rat race to be fought over. Not as some competition of whos is better then who. Who has what position in the leaderboards. Not everyone that plays these games cares about those stats anymore.


    Not everyone is as competitive as some used to be and some that still are. And because the greater portion of the buying auidence is those that want the game fun and easy and requiring less skill that is how they make the game. Because they know it will get them the most sales because of that fact.


    If the game was said to have a very high learning curve with a large skill gap it would not sell nearly as many games as it does today.


    Take the game EVE online, there is less then 100k players in that game at any point in time. Because that game has a very high learning curve, and not alot of people find it fun.

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    Seems like HD is about the time things went to crap.

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    but whats the point of pvp if skill has no point? why not just make co-op games.


    on topic: the golden age has been over since most games started charging for maps and stopped with expanstion packs.

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    I hear that. Just exceptionally blatent these days. I'm about at the point where I'm going to stop buying games from major developers altogether. Not because its' "hip" or "trendy" mostly because they just flat out suck.

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    Don't get me wrong, I'm totally behind the playing for fun idea. I'm not one of those people out to play every game and win. I would much rather play a game with a strong lobby and lose by one point than win by 50, (unless I've had a shite day in which case its stress relief lol). I think it really boils down to conception. Some people want to play games where they can roll dice and have someone take all their **** on the last turn while others want to invest time and energy to get better because its the development of skill that makes a game feel like you've worked to EARN something in it. You don't earn it anymore your just given it.


    Unfortunately, I understand that there are far more people who just want to be given free **** rather than actually have to do anything to earn it, and as a result those of us who have invested time and energy into something even as simple as a game are getting completely ripped off. But I suppose that's what happens when you cater to everyone, damn the quality.

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    And this is why I'm moving from console games to the PC. Except CS...too many people who snap shot to your head across the map with a deagle. I will never understand how human beings react that quickly AND precisely at the same time. Arma though has really begun to interest me though, and BF is definitely an option, as long as you have friends to play with lol.

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    These companies are not about providing a place for players to get better. They are about finding ways to seperate us from our money easier. The golden age of games died when games came online. When it became about being better than someone else instead of just being better than the game itself.


    The golden age died when competition and k/dr and w/lr and stats similar to that took over and became more important then just playing the game for what it was worth and having fun.


    Most gamers today do not care about being the best anymore because they know there i somoene out there that is better. So why try when you never will be the best ever? Competition is not nearly as fun for everyone as it is for those that need it to feel good about doing something.


    If you need to be first in a game to feel good about playing the game, you are playing it for the wrong reasons. Games should be about fun first, who is better or worse, last. But with all the focus on stats its about who is better first and fun last.


    Another issue is the fact that as players get older they do not always get better or remain as good. The skills become worse over time and newer players with faster reactions come in and can do better. Experience in these games means little. It is who has the fastest internet connection/ better responsive tv, and reaction time with good hand eye coordination for accurate aiming.


    Which means it is not always the game getting easier, but maybe newer players just have a natural advantage to the older players in the games now.


    I know I am not nearly as fast as I was 30 years ago when I first started playing games. And it does not even take that long for a differnece to be seen. Just five years is enough. Most 12 year olds have a faster reaction then most 18-20 year olds. Its just a natural fact of how the body and mind works. So as more younger players come in, the older players that once thought they were good will find out they are not as good as they once thought of themself anymore.

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    I'm not sure if anything is over just yet...but I certainly agree that the CoD developers [at least Insanity Ward] have tried far too hard to accomodate new players to FPS's.


    Death streaks are the prime example - which are essentially a reward for crap players playing like crap to the detriment of all other players.


    I remember getting my arse kicked - repeatedly - when I first started playing CoD4.


    But I learned to get better.


    These days new players are 'babied' and 'mollycoddled' by the developers.

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