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You know what I miss about Call of Duty....


My first Call of Duty game ever was Finest Hour for PS2. I didn't even play it when it first came out because I was like 7 at the time (my bro got it for me and he was like 26.) I was also just confused as heck about it. Who are Russians? The Volga? Europe? What is this?


Anyway, years later I picked it up because I was bored and because I had an actual idea of WWII. And I loved the campaign. I just really did. My favorite part was the Russian campaign as a whole but the best part had to be this.




That just made the game for me.


Then I got over to Big Red One, which for me has the best campaign of any of the Call of Duties that I have played (never played the very first one, Call of Duty UO, or Call of Duty 2, but would like to). It just really showed the bonds that can be grown during wartime. I remember hating Brooklyn at first because I thought he was just annoying, but as the story progressed I really got to like him, and then he died. I was so sad that it happened.


It things like these that I feel the newer Call of Duty is lacking. I wish they could go back to games like these. They're just fun to play and the multiplayer, while very much lacking compared to today, at least didn't have quickscoping tryhards that only care about their stats. They didn't even have stats. I played it because I wanted to have fun!