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I hate the new maps

What a big deal it was when they annouce the new map packs. Honestly, I was looking foreward to play them. Such hype and excitement the new map packs was putting out. I even stay up that night waiting till they lauch the new maps. But all I have gotten is disappointment. I hate Liberation the most. And get this the sniper rifles are my choice of weapon to choose from. I was like awesome another map that let snipers do what they do.....snip. But honestly when I play domination (and yes that's basicly 90% of the time) I will spawn in only two spots. Don't matter which flags we have or don't have any flags at all. It's either right there in the tunnel entrance or ten feet away under the bridge. Not the "B" bridge the other one. Get this it's so bad a dude killed me on top of the bridge I just spawn under the bridge. Really I thought the respawn is now more "LOGICAL" in choosing its spawn now. And Liberation is such a big map its a shame. I personally believe that the revenge spawn isn't gone. Now on to Piazza. Well smaller than dome I can say that. And a camper dream come true. All people do now is just camp on that map. Even kill confirm is just a camping mode on that map. I even spawn directly in the middle of the map one time. Needless to say I die. Didn't even had a fair chance of surviving. And why did they setup the way they did to be able to play the maps. IDOITIC. With such a great selection of game modes to choose from (being sarcastic here). I honestly feel like I was let down with these maps. Personally i don't know anyone who like these maps.



P.S. with Patch 1.08 on the striker debuff -----> ABOUT D**N TIME YOU LISTEN TO THE MOST OUTSPOKEN DEMAND FIX

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    I haven't played the new maps yet but on the others I have to say there is way more camping than black ops. I also enjoyed the wide open spaces on wmd and other maps because they were much better for sniping.