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Elite clan looking for members. Do you have what it takes?

Vengeful Ops (VOPS) is a mature clan that is looking for new recruits over the age of 18.


We are at level 15 on Elite and as our members are worldwide there are always team mates to game with no matter what time of day or night. We also have a very active forum. Our members are lively and vibrant and we love to have fun.


Your k/d is not important to us as we have casual and competitive members alike. We have regular clan v clan matches, internal competitions and fun nights. Some of our matches are videod and put on our youtube channel.


If you are over 18, have a mic and would like to join us please come and register at www.vengefulops.com and add (EU) LadyHazard, (NA) djmindfuq203 or (NA) IRONFISTleft on PSN. Don't forget to put 'VOPS' in the message or we won't know why you are adding us.


We hope to see you soon



EU General