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SKUM(ScrubbyKidsUMad?) RECRUITING. Join the Party and Get in here!

Excited for the content season for MW3? Are you a chill bro that uses riot shield and rocket launcher? Do you want to be in a kick-ass

clan for CoD elite?


     If you answered yes for any of these then you are the man for the job. You deserve a spot in SKUM(SweatyKidsuMad?)

We are the opposite of dirty sweaty tryhards. We run around the map shooting sweaty kids with whatever we get our grubby hands on.

SKUM is fo real!  KD ratio? It's nothin to us, we don't sweat it, we just be enjoyin the game!

Find us over at https://elite.callofduty.com/connect/clan/view/401342

The guy who wasted his time writing this so that your lazy ass can feel interested join will give you an invite

On Xbox Live message: ClosertotheSun or XDONKEYVICIOUSX for free invites. FREEEE INNNNVVIIITTESSS


     We like to party. We are neither causal nore pro. We are just us.

Trying to get a huuuuugue range of players, and will eventually pick out a core group of players to be the core multiplayer team (6-9 players depending on the game type.)



  • Clan Leader w/ a 1.77 KD ratio (not bad for someone who doesn't try hard)
  • Donkey is a bridge troll, don't feed the troll kids!
  • Fun Xbox Live parties
  • An aged group of players (16+) but maturity has yet to catch up to us, lol. Hey if you're not at least a little immature, you ain't enjoyin life! That being said we have a strong distaste towards really little kids w/ high pitched voices. You're 6 years old! Go play baseball with ya neighbor or somethin like a normal kid!.
  • Free Speech Enviornment: Don't come in here and start bible thumpin! You will either get A. Argued With B. Bridge Troll let loose on you
  • Bros
  • Ho's
  • Goats  (what?)

      So what the heck are ya waitin fer? Join  today and be part of an onslaught of coooool players.


                                                                                      I <3 U.