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Discussion on Desert Eagle.

Alright, to start things off, this is not a post at an attempt the get the Desert Eagle changed, or to even ask for it to be changed. It's just a post to ask everyone out there what they think of the gun.

In my opinion i think it's virtually useless when compared to other guns. However it's the only secondary i use for the soul fact that i like the gun. I feel like they've failed on making this the gun it used to be, they've tried to make it close to realistic by putting a ridiculous ammount of recoil on it which is pretty much a first for a gun in any of the cods. The pistol that rivals the DE for highest damage is the MP12 or whatever it's called. It's a cool gun, but i still prefer the DE. I don't know if maybe they figured that by giving the DE an extra two bullets it would make up for the recoil or something, but by the third shot it's ready for liftoff unless you know how to control it. With such high recoil you'd expect a gun like that to be firing a .50cal or something... but that's impossible because no one can survive a .50 cal to the face like they do in cod.

I think a possible fix for the DE uselessness would be for it to be a one shot to the head, that way it can be a secondary that requires aim and skill. HOWEVER i think the one shot to the head should not be applied to akimbo to prevent kids who just spam that thing like it's Optics inbox or something.

I've got more to say but i'll leave it at that, I wanna hear what you guys think of the gun.