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To everyone complaining about Elite...

Most of you are idiots. Why would you think that paying for the map packs would magically invalidate Microsoft and Activision's contract? Activision however did use shady wording, so I can understand if this was your first CoD and you were confused. However, if you have played any other CoD, you should no better.


Also, it is all your fault's for buying the DLC BEFORE the game or DLC was ever released. How could you be so stupid? You wouldn't pay someone before hand to do a job would you? Activision took the money and ran like I expected, leaving users with a shitty elite service and a pathetic excuse for new maps.


If you are only interested in multiplayer maps, you are ****** too. There will only be 12 multiplayer maps released. For MW2, the map pack consisted of 5 mutiplayer maps for a rip off of $15. If you bought both those map packs, you ended up paying $30 for a total of 10 multiplayer maps.


Now with MW3, you will end up paying $40 to $50 for 12 multiplayer maps. Those 2 extra maps are an extra $10 to $20. What a ******* joke!


In the end, **** all you whiners and **** CoD Elite. If you are a CoD veteran, you must be blind to not see this coming. Since when has Activision ever been concerned about saving you money and giving you a good deal? That's what I thought...


BTW, I was one of the people smart enough to wait until launch to come to the decision that CoD Elite would be a waste of money, so I said "**** that", and held on to my money.