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MW3 - good, bad and ugly


Good - kill streaks

bad - **** connections, **** sound, **** grenades and **** maps.

ugly - hosting sux big time.


Why the hell is it so hard to make a game like COD4 for f**ks sake.

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    Every COD is expected to hit this made up standard of COD 4. Every COD never lives up to said made up standard. COD 4 had loads of issues, reason its called the best was because the huge leap in changes from COD 3 and thats where Online COD really took off. Its also where online FPS really took hold. Just remember one thing, no matter how good a game is to you someone else surely hates it.

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    I like kill "steaks" too, but I prefer prime-rib.


    Dont mind the sound, grenades, and/or maps.

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    Just made 9th and going all the way cause I brought this but the journey to where I am now has been HORRIBLE losing levels/ disconnected from servers every 2/3 games 2/3 times a game/ lag / just a allround slap in the face gaming experience cant wait for the next edition so I dont buy it


    Edit:UGLY part of it

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    Good- No OMA, DC, Commando. Weak tubes. Cheaters are punished. No killstreak that  ends game.  Gun on Gun for the most part.

    Bad- still boosting, glitches, easy quickscoping, shotguns inconsistent. Uav in strike, stealth bomber in support. Spawns/small maps

    Ugly- ELiTE fail