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Noticing more overpowered Care Packages

Just wondering if anyone else has noticed an increase in PaveLows, AC-130's, and all the other high killstreaks being rewarded significantly more than UAV or those killstreaks which have less of an impact on a game.  I'm not too aware on the logic of a care package, whether it's supposed to be completely random all of the time or if it's supposed to be somewhat based on winning/losing status and current K/D.  Whatever the factors are I'm noticing tons of Pavelows, AC-130's, Osprey Gunners, etc. are being given from Care Packages at crucial points in the game or to players that don't really deserve them.  I'm perfectly fine with someone building up a good Assault streak and using what they earned, but when someone who has a negative k/d spread or slightly positive they should not be rewarded with a potentially game changing killstreak.  I know that generally it's fairly easy to shoot things down, but personally I won't give up Sleight of Hand for Blind Eye as I'm a rusher and need quick reloads/weapon swaps when I end up around spawn points.


I think it's extremely unfair when within 30 seconds of a game starting someone can earn a care package and get one of the highest killstreak rewards available.  I think the logic needs to be re-thought to award those high Assault killstreak rewards on a significantly less basis.  This past week if I was to count the Assault Drones, Pavelows, AC-130's, etc. versus the amount of UAV's or lower rewards I've seen given it doesn't even compare.


I'd like to hear everyone's opinion on care packages and if you've seemed to notice an increase in those receiving high assault streaks.

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    its fine..


    the lag comp advantage is by far the biggest divider.


    But I must admit to running care pack and that they can have positive influence on gameplay.


    If you are a good player you will get more care pack????

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      I used to run assault, but it's so easy for them to be countered and I began to realize how selfish my playing attitude was.  I'm only running support now, my main goal is to help the team and secure the win.  My K/D is extremely high and consistent now and I would rather know that I did a large part in helping out the team as a whole rather than just getting a Helicopter or two.


      Care Package is obviously meant to have a positive influence, but at a 4 point streak it shouldn't be giving the highest reward possible more than lower rewards.


      With my currently weekly K/D at 2.8 last I checked and steadily getting 3.0 K/D+'s with the majority of my games being 40+ kills I can easily get many care packages, but I don't feel as if I'm being fair to other players if I use the tactics on them that I dislike.  Sure, I could run assault and get tons of overpowered care packages every game, but I don't believe that a 4 point streak should be giving constant Pavelows and AC-130's, so I won't do that to other players.


      On a random funny note, I find it hilarious that the vast majority of players I see earning an AC-130 from a care package seem to be completely unaware that it has 3 weapons and they only shoot the one large missile.  Just another example in my opinion of how they really don't deserve the killstreak.

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    Today I got a LMG Juggernaught suit out of a care package about 5 seconds after the enemy called in their riot shield Juggernaught suit... guess who won?


    I get pred missile or UAV about 90% of the time from my package.

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    You're probably just having bad luck.


    I run care packages a lot and more often then not, it seems to be weighted toward UAV, Sentry Gun, IMS, Pred, then Hind/Cobra.


    You have to remember that calling in a care package is also risky, especially in a small map where the enemy could be very close. This gives your team the opportunity to hijack it, especially if you have sitrep or know the technique to avoid blast crates.


    Don't forget also that care pack streaks don't launch someone to another killstreak. So someone couldn't call in a care package, get luck and get a pave low, sit back, and get an AGM

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      I'm an 8th prestige on here and I've been playing CoD for years, I know how a care package works.   However, it's becoming increasingly often that in the beginning of the game and just in general I'm seeing these higher ones thrown up.  I've had games where the lowest thing received was an Attack Helicopter.

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    Of course you're noticing good care packages, when the enemy are calling in UAVs, Preds and IMS you probably don't even realise half the time. Bit easier to notice a AC or Osprey..

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      Trust me I know everything that is being called in, that's why the majority of my games I'm carrying no less than a 4.0 K/D.  I'm well aware of my surroundings and what is being called in and if it's from a care package or not.  I've gotten 8 MOAB's and countless 20-24 streaks, I notice all of their killstreaks.  As for predators and IMS, I keep on my trophy system and stalker.

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    care package glitch. get something that sucks like a uav? glitch and get something else.