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Loyal Soldiers Wanted!!!

The Gorilla Unit is now looking for 4-5 loyal members to join our team. We have been an active clan since our starting back in mw2. Our highest number was a 50 strong army. Keeping those numbers up is something i dont have time for so we cut the team down. We now have around 10-15 active loyal and beast players. I' m looking to expand a little. We have our own youtube channel which i will link. We do competitive gaming and run parties most nights.

Mw3 is our main game but we are always expanding. If you are interested in any of this please read the list below then message myself on the PSN. Elite founders are more then welcome.




Age: Must be 16 or older.


Country: Must be australian/newzealand [For connection reasons]


Skype: It is prefered you have skype or make one.


Mic: Must have a mic.


Loyalty: Must be a loyal member we dont appreciate members who repp more then one clan.


Attitude: Must be able to have fun with the guys your playing with but also be able to take care of buisness when its needed.



Thanks Guys.



Youtube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/xTheGorillaUnitx


My PSN: King-Housie


If for some reason you dont get a reply from me Contact our Recruitment Manager.


Blings PSN: BLING1991


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    My PSN is CrypticASSassinZ Things about me: I'm 19 Play casually. KDR 1.09 and rising rapidly KDR fluctuates since I have only 3000 kills and 2950 deaths or so.Have a mike. WILLING TO DO CLAN BATTLES. Level 76-80 Prestige 1 (playing often so level will change) Gold camo on P90, Autumn on PP90MI, Autumn on Mp5, Blue/Gold ACR 6.8 (gun level changing recently)Aussie player. Extremely loyal and will never change clan. Buys all map packs.