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Lol no wonder Hardcore playes get no love!

I played HC TDM for the first time today so I could propipe my way to getting the silver CM901 Title, and my god is that gametype filled with the most terrible gamers I have ever encountered! It's like nobody knows how to sprint, everybody is either lying prone in a corner with a silenced weapon and Assassin, or slowly creeping through the map crouching and ADSing! It's the slowest, most boring gametype in CoD! And don't even get me started on waiting 15 seconds so I can spawn and immediately get shot by an enemy 5 feet away from me....


You think #moarhardcore is realistic? You think it's more tactical or takes more skill? It's pathetic! I'm proud to have earned my "To The Extreme" title without staying in the same spot for more than 10 seconds in a match, and leading my team practically every game I played! I swear, never again! the average Hardcore player makes someone with the Type 95 in Domination seem good, lol!

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