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  • 20. Re: Who else is sick of QUICKSCOPERS????


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    Not me.

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    it looks like their not aiming at anything because thats how you must quickscope most of the time. as you move the bullet moves and as the enemy moves you have to take it into consideration. if anybody has ever ran around and got a quickscope while aiming right at them then please tell me to prove me wrong. in my experience (im not good but im not the worst), you can never get a quickscoping kill while moving and aiming at them

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    This. I do well with Assaults (when I'm not ghosting or ninja defusing) then I do with a sniper. People are under the impression it's so easy, it's not. Why are there 0 MLG pro's QS'ing? Or using a sniper in general? If it's so easy and always a '1hk' why wouldn't everyone use them? If you get QS so much you're bad (to op) really bad because I haven't been killed more than 2 times in a game by a QS'er. They usually leave when my pavelow comes to town.

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    I believe someone already pointed this out, but the kill cams aren't accurate because there are connection issues. On the quickscopers screen their aimer was dead on, but, they don't have a connection with no lag hence lag assist in the game. That's why sometimes when you see theatre replays it looks like you're just not aiming any where near people but you get a kill.


    It's not aim assist it's lag. And it works two ways, sooooo many times I hit the quick scope dead on, or even just hard scope someone dead freaking on, NOPE not even a hit marker. Same with shot guns...


    Any one who says quickscoping takes no skill, this argument has been around for ever, you're an idot, move on. AR's and SMG's will always be easier and more effective, that's why quickscoping is more fun, it's more of a gamble, it's more of a challenge. 

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    I dont quickscope on Mw3, (but i did in COD4), as for regular sniping, there are probably 4 maps that i can pitch a tent a snipe properly, the rest i do run LMG class.


    but i agree, quicksoping has mostly been poop hit detection & OHK weapon = lame kills, and this annoys me seeing as there is many times i have panic quickscoped people very close range and got a OHK, yet when im using the rifle properly (at range), quite a lot of times, i have to hit them twice,,, or three times.


    As for the LMG class, yeah its a bit crappy on these small maps, but when you clamp down a section of the map, and the enemy is funneld through a certain way, then its pretty good.


    NOTHING, will ever compare to COD4 and the RPD in my opinion,, and i have tried the M60 in this game, in fact, i was sooo looking forward to using it, and i used it long enough to know, there's no point in using it, it terrible, and nothing like as deadly as it is in real life, and in fact, IW have actually done it a disservice.


    In real life, its a monster of a weapon, and would probably even give Godzilla second thoughts about attacking.

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    It's not auto aim at all. I practice my quickscoping by picking points on the map a certain distance away, shut my eyes, move around, spin around, then open my eyes back up and try to get my aimer back on target as fast as possible.


    I hadn't quickscoped before this year and I've played since the first COD's and it took me quite a while to learn, a friend and I actually practiced in private lobby's with eachother on all different levels. Running around and dodging like idiots trying to quickscope eachother. I legitimately put time and practice into it so that I could do it and get good at it. Have you ever done that with any weapon? No, didn't think so.

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    If quickscoping is so easy like some of u are saying, why don't u pick up that sniper rifle and just go flawless every time than u wont have anything to ***** about=). tap L2 than R2, that's all it takes right?

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    Just said the exact same thing on the xbox forum and challenged anyone who hates on QS to prove there point via youtube funny enough i had no takers

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    Who is sick about all the post about how qs is so dumb and needs to stop?

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