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Nobody is to blame

I really don't see why everyone's blaming TheJoKeR. First off, he's done a lot of things including countless calls to online support to see if patches were coming and so on. TheJoKeR didn't start this - the person who started it was the first person to post it on YouTube. It would have gotten leaked out anyway. TheJoKeR was just posting it on the forums to bring it up to the "wii admin" to see if she would do anything about it.


Anyways, forum-goers should be the most mature gamers out there and shouldn't abuse these glitches. At least that's what i thought. Anyways, with people like Conboy uploading the problem, i'm sure by now either treyarch, activision or some other "middle man" is aware of the problem and will probably work on it. Based on AeroCodManiac's word, he talked with activison and they messaged him on youtube - they are now aware of the problem and will work on it. Look on the video - an employee commented.

Bottom line, don't blame anyone for this problem except the person who first uploaded it, who has since removed it but there are still a few others out there.