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    CGO has set precedent in the telecom market for gamers recently. We've detected issues with Cisco's throttling technology that's having an impact with in game connectively using peer connections.  CRTC is further investigating and uncovering more evidence for developers and the gaming community.

    Evidence uncovered here will hopefully improve multiplayer platforms of all games, and also open the door to a debate within industry between developing a game using peer hosting vs dedicated servers due to the technical problems throttling technologies are presenting.


    We have yet to get into this, but we have some evidence to present to the gaming community about known problems with peer hosting developers are aware of, and the quality of the games being sacrificed as a result of decisions to not pursue dedicated servers in favour of larger profit margins dispite knowing there are currently major issues with peer hosting. This is the reason why COD lag will never be fixed, especially with technical problems Cisco is having on peer connections. ISP's globally use Cisco technology for throttling.

    Another post for another day.  We are here, and we are looking forward to bringing up concerns of the Canadian Gaming Community and working with our federal politicans, federal regulators and game developers to ensure gamers get the best quality games from industry, and to ensure that gamers in Canada are actively informed about their legal rights on the gaming products they buy.

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    Oh I see. CGO is going test boundaries and possibly fine activision for $10,000,000 and Activision is simply going to hand over the money with no Court Action.


    Further you say that CGO is going to inform Canadian gamers of their right under the law! And what then??? Sheesh, knowing the law doesnt put their money back in their pocket.


    Also, anyone can initiate a small claims court action if they feel that they have been ripped off by an individual, company, corporation, etc. Parties involved in the action will be summoned to attend hearings meeting etc. Small Claims system is a productive and hands on thing where individuals can see and experience a way to get their money back.


    Incidently, you have your facts wrong about small claims: It is claims under $25,000 and in this case the gamer would only be initiating an action to get their elite costs returned to them. Under $100.


    What you state amounts to simple bureaucratic nonsense that will lead to absolutely nowhere.


    CGO is a federal overseer? Maybe, Do something productive about the problem??? Doubtful, in the extreme.


    Gamers want their money back, it's that simple and CGO appears to be full of hot air as they very likely wont actually doing anything about, or even care to.


    Huge fines, oodles of bureacratic paperwork doesnt mean squat to the individual gamer who wants their dollars returned. But hell CGO could make $10,000,000 to put into their bank account.....what a joke, seriously.

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    Your are correct: multiple small claims actions by individuals everywhere is a solid productive method that gamers could undertake.


    Also true, as you have stated, a no-show by the party you are wishing to sue would result in a Court issued Judgement or Order to Pay. Such orders would also provide for the cost of initiating the Small Claims action.


    I am sure that Activision has a mile high stack of complaints regarding the Elite issue already. Any further complaints by individuals or Organizations such as CGO will probably amount to nothing further.


    CGO's involvement, if it really amounts to anything, which I doubt in the extreme, is probably motivated by an imagined opportunity to acquire dollars through fines. Incidently I have never heard of CGO and I have been gaming (and in business) for over 25 years.

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    Any fines awarded in this situation would go directly to government coffers, not us. Our intention here is to make sure that the concerns of the Canadian Gaming Community are brought forth especially after Mr. Amrich's statement on the weekend.  There are several issues we are working on.  The results of the legal investigation by the Competition Bureau of Canada will determine what steps Canadian gamers need to take in order to get a refund if that is what they wish to do.  There maybe legal options that open up for gamers in Canada as a result of this investigation.


    We can not currently advise gamers on how to pursue this end, until we hear back from the folks at the Competition Bureau of Canada, and consult with other consumer organizations, but refunds is something that we can definitely look into, after this has been answered by the Competition Bureau of Canada.

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    I haven't taken a law class in some time so I'm curious, what if you succeed? Obviously we(the gamers) don't want activision to stop making COD. What compensation will be asked? Just for the PS3 Elite Premium members to get their money back? Or will you go lawsuit happy and try to bankrupt them?

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    Its funny he mentioned XP2011 and saying there was no "PS3 get's it at the same time annoumcement" this is true, but XP was a Microsoft Funded event, of course they wouldn't mention the PS3 or PC, the guy is an idiot

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    I would just like to see game DEVS have to release a fully functional product. I'm kinda getting tired of games that come out and have to be patched 20 times. I'm not just referring to COD, it's getting to be a habit with most games.

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    Read the complaint.  CGO has made it's intentions clear with respect to what we hope to accomplish in the first few paragraphs.  Activision won't stop making COD, we just want to make sure that gamers are properly informed about any "business deal" in advertising and disclosure so that gamers know what they are buying when they buy into premium services. A lot of the confusion surrounding this issue currently with Elite is because Activision didn't disclose until recently how this business deal would effect PS3 Elite Premium Members. We've detailed our position which is the OP of this thread.


    We are not asking for compensation, and we are not going to launch a lawsuit.

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    Ditto; A working game with free maps would be awesome, or atleast the ability to make or own on PC and send to PS3, Dedi-servers, Something better. I know a lot of this is imposible for PS3 but, how nice would it be to set up Dedi-Servers using a PC so the PS3 could play on them.

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    I think the precedent is PSN gets COD DLC  a month after Xbox, it's been that way since I started playing COD w/ MW2. I haven't heard official word yet that PSN will be getting their Premium content in February but again there is a precedent here. They didn't say that DLC would come out a month after Xbox DLC with previous titles but it always did.

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