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    In this day and age around corporate practices, I completely understand the apathy towards such a complaint, but the reality in this current one is much much different.  Something already has come out of this, meaning a government body is currently investigating this and questioning Activision.  If it wasn't a solid enough complaint, the Ministry would not be investigating it and the file would have been closed months ago.  The file was handed to the Ministry back in April of 2012 and remains open even after the last response from Activision which we received today.


    It's important for other consumers in Ontario to step forward with their concerns, so that the Ministry can judge the scope of this misrepresentation in Ontario, and to ensure that no other laws have been broken in the process. 


    If we allow apathy to take the day here, than false advertising, and misrepresentation of the games we buy will become way more widespread than it is today, and a lot worse.

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    Dude are you that dumb? Last year they signed a contract with microsoft. Most of knew we would get them after xbox. Now they have other one. Canada cant touch there contract. So come up with something new.

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    If you read the OP (original post) and complaint we sent in you would know that the goal of this complaint is not to nullify the contract, but to ensure that the contract and terms of it were advertised and disclosed at point of sale to consumers which it wasn't.

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    Although my post did have a sense of apathy, it was not of my opinion I was referring to.  Yes there is a case to be made, however I would imagine that AV has more lawyers than I have friends (and I am a popular guy).  There can be so many loopholes made to hide in that I would still be very surprised if anything significant comes of this.


    Although I am hopeful..


    But what would be a satisfactory outcome?

    - Vouchers sent to every PS3 user with a valid sub of Elite (1.0) to get Elite 2.0 free or at a discount?

    - A PSN card loaded with x amount of dollars?

    - etc?


    If anything, a public apology and a "yeah, my bad" is all we are likely going to get if anything does come from this.


    I am hopeful for something more.... but misrepresentation has to be proven.


    It is like the whole ROGERS cable fiasco of them throttling P2P internet. Yeah they said they were, and now the CRTC is stating that they have complied... but I see NO difference in my P2P bandwidth allocations (when downloading, uploading or gaming).

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    Your last response is still very apthetic.  Corporate Lawyers should not be a deterrent to following through with your rights as consumers. 


    Rogers brought forth their lawyers, Cisco engineers, and MIT experts to our CRTC case all in which where proven wrong. As a result, both Rogers and Bell are phasing out throttling by December 2012.  You can check to see if your Rogers connection is still being throttled here:


    http://promo.orderrogers.ca/trafficmanagement/en/?cm_mmc=Redirects-_-Consumer_Tr affic_ENG-_-Traffic_2012-_-traffic


    While throttling presents major issues for developers and publishers of online games, the gaming industry continues to refuse to step up for consumers on the throttling issue even in the US.  The throttling of Internet connections is still very much in play in the US.  This is a problem for games such as Call of Duty who rely on P2P connectivity rather than dedicated servers.  This means more in game lag as a result, and through our research and testing throttling only presents itself while in game, not in the lobby where intial matchmaking is taking place.  It's funny that last night on this very board I read so much about the wishes for black ops 2.  In fact before almost every release there are complaints from gamers to fix the lag issues, which are never fixed because of the problems COD's match making has on identifying throttled connections.  The only way to compensate for this is through the use of dedicated servers and most devs, and AV know this as fact.  AV will not do that because it's profit over consumer so don't expect any lag issues to be worked out in the short term. It's precisely profit over consumers mentality that lead to Activision misleading consumers on Elite Premium, and we're hoping that by consumers exercising their rights, might change this mentality.


    While corporate lawyers maybe a deterrent for some in complaining, I personally believe that the bigger more wider picture is that consumers complaining and exercising their rights is much more of a deterrent that carries series risk for companies who don't abide by our rights and laws. While we are hoping for reimbursement of pre-ordered Elite Premium memberships, sometimes the message sent is more important than financial gain.  It's a personal decision each gamer has to make, however change has to start somewhere, as it did with Rogers and throttling of internet connections in Canada.

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    For me, this would have been less of a deal if the dlc were dropped: Xbox elite, ps3 elite, xobx regulars, and then ps3 regulars. The fact that non elite xbox members get the dlcs before us ps3 members just got me mad.

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    Good Lord thank you for this (the Rogers throttling). I was looking for it but too be honest I did not look far.


    Yes the throttling is still in effect in my area, but I will monitor this and see if/when I see improvements.


    Happy Days!


    On topic:

    Yes I can be apathetic... maybe my age and experiences have made me this way...


    Personally I still think the bigger issue is the fact that not all services were available day 1. The content drops, although not well advertised, is really not a big deal (would people be happy if it was?) It may have (wrongly) influenced some people's decision whether to buy it or not though... Although a positive resolution would be nice for the community as a whole (as you mention), for me it is like trying trying to negotiate the best deal I can for something... and when I get it walking away because I didn't want it in the 1st place.


    I suppose the reason for my apathy, in this case, is because I know that having been clearly told that the MS./AV deal extended to elite content drops would not have had any effect on my purchase (and that is just playing devil's advocat... because anyone getting something before me on a different platform has no effect on my playability, or cost). Of course, not everyone feels this way and I, admittedly, am likely in the minority there.


    Again, a more serious issue is that Elite did not deliver what it was intended to deliver at the time it was intended to be delivered.  I truly believe that is a stronger case.


    But good luck, you do have my (and many other's) support! It is nice to see when people are fighting for the interests of the many. (and yeah call me a hypocrite as I am a hardened edition purchaser )

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    Time for Canada to go on Strike =P.

    Just like the south park episode.

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    With respect to throttling, my connection is no longer throttled on Rogers.  I've just upgraded to a Docsis 3.0 modem from Rogers, and I'm now getting 2.1 mbps real time speeds off of my downloads. They were 1.1 mbps when Rogers took off the throttling on my connection.  Uploads are still capped at 64 kbps which was the upload speed I was getting before this throttling stuff started.


    Our facebook group is located: https://www.facebook.com/groups/142158409200789/


    Our website is located here: http://openmedia.ca/gamers


    We expect the lag issues with P2P client games such as COD to get much worse in the short term not better, due to games like call of duty selecting host peers from the US.  Currently the US government is looking into data caps and dealing with those.  Once a decision comes down by the FTC on data caps, you probably can expect US ISPs to ramp up on the throttling until consumers in the US deal with that issue.  Game publishers have so far refused to enter this debate politically even though they know it effects their products greatly:




    We are working closely with our US counterparts http://www.leagueforgamers.org/ which is a gamer advocacy group newly formed in the US due to the SOPA/PIPA support from major game publishers a few months back, on our efforts with throttling.


    In Canada it's flipped.  We've dealt with the throttling, now it's the data caps both of which effect the gaming industry in a lot of ways. 


    As for the other stuff, as a mature gamer myself, and hardened edition purchaser, I can tell you if I had known that Elite Premium content drops were delayed by this pact, I would have never bought into it. The whole point was to try out the new maps before anyone else, not to sit there for a month while other premium users on different platforms "spoil" the fun.  The main selling point to gamers on premium memberships pre-release was that premium members would get content first and there was no mention on "first before everyone on your platform" during the pre-release ad campain which also should have been legally disclosed.  They very clearly mislead consumers to believe otherwise.  I'm also speaking about that as a fan of the series, and watching all the pre-release hype they put out and interviews that were done with IW and AV.  They had a legal obligation to disclose the deal with XBOX on this new service which effected the time line of the content.  This was not done until after release, that's wrong and not legal.

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    Thank you very much for the information, and the efforts (I am starting to feel a bit less skeptical...)

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