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[XBOX] Hyped Gaming Online Clan/Community! Recruiting new members! [AGE 16 and UP] [COMPETITIONS WITH MICROSOFT POINT PRIZES!]

Hey everyone! I'm a part of a clan/community called Hyped Gaming Online, or otherwise referred to as, "HG". HG is a friendly community that is growing at a rapid pace. We are looking for new members of all experiences to join up with us! Our total numbers, in people, is around 750+. HG offers a variety of experiences like; clan battles, rank systems, squad leadership, and participation in small teams. In addition we have competitions and give out prizes, like Microsoft points and xbox membership!


You can contact me on XBOX via msg or friend request on the gamertag HG GhostMirage. I will be happy to help get you situated as soon as possible!


Also, you can visit our website, http://hypedgamingonline.com, for more info and details! [The site is going through some small maintenance so it is not at 100%, though it can still be accessed!]



Join us today!

HG GhostMirage