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  • 20. Re: 3 things you hate about mw3?

    All understanable

  • 21. Re: 3 things you hate about mw3?

    Only 3? lol


    In no particular order...


    1.) Assassin (Pro) - The fact that they're immune to SO much is ridiculous. Only Recon Drones are able to make them appear at all (and even then, the user can only tag them if they spot them visually) besides them firing, but they usually have suppressors on their weapons too if not just purely knifing people. At the very least, they should NOT be immune to Advanced UAVs, Heartbeat Sensors (how do they stop their heart from beating? lol), EMP, and Thermal.


    And I say this not just as one who's been hit by them, but also as a user who can safely say it is way good.



    2.) Akimbo machine pistols (any) - Way too accurate at medium distances (either hitting enemies a lot or getting lucky headshots). Combined damage is greater than most SMGs and even LMGs and if not, the rate of fire more than makes up for it against things like ARs and such. Not to mention their reload time is way too fast.


    Again, saying this as being both on the receiving end AND a user. (Several times, I've gotten 4+ multi-kills easily with them.)



    3.) Matchmaking/spawning (I tend to group these together) -


    In terms of the matchmaking and other things, it's almost always never balanced out when starting new games after one is over. The top 2-4 people (or a mix) are constantly put together several times in a row while the lowest are grouped together. Also, being put into a game that is either really crappy (once entered a game that was 200 / 3500), almost over (the enemy team having 7000+ points), or that IS over (as in, after the load screen, it takes me right to the Leaderboards) gets really annoying.


    In terms of the spawning, it's pretty much mentioned a lot; respawn after being killed, barely taking 5-7+ steps before being killed by the person who just killed you or a teammate, usually right around a corner or from behind.



    ...other things are mentioned too (lag/lag compensation, quick-scoping, hackers/cheaters, etc).

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    1.) Spawn system.

    2.) People hating on/complaining about MW3........in MW3.

    3.) People complaining about how they get killed by certain guns and say its BS, when they dont realize what they're using to kill eachother in the game...............GUNS. Guns kill, so stop b!tching about getting killed by them.



    There are other things, but not top 3 worthy.

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    1-Entire teams camping ( np with camping in general, i feel its an essential part of the game..But anentire team makes for a borign game, and lmaost always a win for the team ruashing the campers)

    2-Mic'd kids/elitists

    3-Kill streaks


    While i enjoy some mw3 mp, i do prefer BF3 mp, as its much more tactical and emphasizes actual teamwork...Everyyone in mw3 is their own army, which is great to play when ive had a bad day and wanna take it out on all of you 


    Edit: but mor than ANYTHING, ppl who claim anything is "OP", or complainign something needs a "Nerf". (because everyone playing the game is some sort of gaming statistical expert)

  • 24. Re: 3 things you hate about mw3?

    1. Unloading a mag into someone and they dont die and then get the kill :S

    2. How you spawn in stupid places

    3. Getting put in games that are half way through/almost finished

  • 25. Re: 3 things you hate about mw3?

    Stealth Clown / Robert Trolling


    Spawn Logic


    Elite ripping people off and not working 

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    if I could have a 4 it would be final stand, its so annoying!!! please get rid of this stupid death streak!!!

  • 27. Re: 3 things you hate about mw3?

    jstrick17 wrote:


    No DLC for PS3 premium members


    It's being released on the 28thhttp://kcsr.org/images/smilies/icon_rolleyes.gif

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    1) Theres no Israeli flag callsign

    2) Matchmaking

    3) The fact the games a pos

  • 29. Re: 3 things you hate about mw3?

    I see, and i can totally agree with that.

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