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Top 10 worst maps of COD history?

I recently asked what maps everyone liked in COD. Lots of Highrise, favela, shipment, dome, rust. Now i want to know the most hated maps in call of duty history


Mine are as follows ;


1. Crisis (bo) - honestly, it was huge and too much bushes and plants, sure some cool sightlines but thank god i only played it a few times in my black ops career

2. Downturn (mw3)- looked cool from the beginning, to much rubble and debris for my liking its like a never ending symmetrical maze

3. Wasteland (mw2) - some people like but i just hate.. Soo open, sooo big, 3 houses. WHEU whhatta map

4. Carnival (mw2) if it only was more urban or inhabited and modern.....

5. Interchange (mw3) why couldnt they make access to one or more of the highways, not only would it make the map insane, youd have some good sightlines and still easy to take people out. And you wouldnt lose a care package every second time...

6. Underpass (mw2) if it wasnt rainy i would love it.

7. Array (bo) way to big for my liking , took years to reach the other end

8. Karachi (mw2) the colours were really a turn off for me, made it dull and lifeless,

9. Lockdown (mw3) constant rage playing here spawning inside someone inside a building or just terrible layout.

10. Bog (mw) idk why , just not a fan of this map. Lots love it though


Mw - maps were great, i loved playing them, would def go back if hackers and cheaters were removed ..

Waw - i never got the chance to play

Mw2 - maps were mostly very fun, i still to this day love that and play it time to time, hackers and nonlegit 10ths every 3rd player...

B/o- maps were very good in my opinion, it was a pretty good game, face it with iw graphics and treyarchs system . Wow *orgasm*  w/o currency and playercards of bo tho

Mw3 - dont even get me started. "lets take all the maps people love and through a twist and make it a maze. A smg paradise. And qs of course :/ lets also tease people by putting areas that could make incredible views but still easy killing them and make them blocked by effin invisi barriers.


Hopefully the next maps are great. For map packs or new games.

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    I agree with you on most of these. I especially hate maps that have one main gathering point such as wasteland, array, lockdown, seatown, estate, skidrow, village, hardhat, mission, and underpass just because you can't see ****. Black ops didn't have to many bad maps imo.

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      Yeah - and i tend do dislike the hugeeer maps, with like no cover or too much. K do you agree that to make these maps better -


      Wasteland. Make it sunny and access to the church with a possible look out tower in the one corner


      Array idk horrible , just scrap it haha


      Lockdown , access to the middle building like were the hallway runs through to give one more doorway out and in.


      Seatown - dont mind this map, maybe make another building accessible and make a way onto the scaafoolding in the castle corner building, so you can see out a window


      Estate - dont mind it, not much else you could do


      Skidrow i actually love this map haha


      Village - more accesible buildings in the 'village' and into the tower in the corner


      Hardhat and mission i enjoy . For hardhat make a twostory building in the middle , stairs on each side and ladder in side the central building to a view that overlooks the side with the jeep and tunnel opening kind of


      Mission , there is a building in between B and C in domination that they could put a door into with stairs that go up to a window that can look out towards the center of the map i. Those ruins and the back alley


      Underpass, make it stop raining simple as that .


      Agree or disagree, would they make them better in any way

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    Nuketown (BO)

    Scrapyard (MW2)

    Downturn (MW3)

    Dome (MW3)

    Crisis (BO)

    Showdown (COD4)

    Vacant (COD4/MW2)

    Invasion (MW2)

    Zoo (BO)

    District (COD4)


    No particular order.

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      Scrapyard ?!?!?

      Dome ?!?!?!?

      Vacant ?!?!?!? Those all make my top 20. Haha ai agre with downturn crisis showdown zoo dostrict invasion and nuketown to an extent, not my particular faves

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        Always hated Vacant.  It seems to be one of the favorites among the community though.  I've just never been a huge fan of the CQB maps that almost forced you to use specific classes.  I'm coming around to them since that seems to be what most of the MW3 maps are.


        I hate scrapyard mainly because of danger close and grenade launchers.  Ruined it for me, lol.


        Dome is explained below vvvv  (still trying to get used to this forum layout)

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          Weird, idk i loved vacant especially hen brought back in MW2. Haha yeah cluttered little mazes forsure .


          I can understand that. That 3 story building is heaven for those O/D/C tubers ...


          Haha i can also agree with that defs the smallest in each game. Shipment is def hectic.. Rust i like cause well its rust, nuketown is fine i guess bigger than the others and dome, well compared to them its quite large and has a good layout to me. But did you know that Hardhat is actually smaller in size than dome?

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      Dome, Nuketown, Rust and Shipment are all in the same category... I loathe the "Clusterfuck" maps in every COD game.   


      (an add-on to my original post)

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    Wasteland was my 'RAGE Map' Hated it so much because it seemed to be home of the n00b tube and the barrett!

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    the only maps i truly hate and will usally back out of, are OUTPOST, and Downturn. I never played any other call of duty multiplayer so this is the only ones i can comment on.  I can also do without liberation.

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    in the last 2 weeks ive played... never ONCE got downturn praise the lord