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Just looking for people to play with. k/d 1.47 (Xbox 360)

18 y/o from England looking for players of any skill level to play alongside.


I'v been playing CoD multiplayer since CoD 4 but this is the first one I've really got into (i.e gone past 1st prestige). Only one of my friends has the game so I'm playing with randoms most of the time and its getting frustrating losing so many games despite almost always being near or at the top of the leaderboard.


I'm very laid back, I play games A LOT but I play them for fun so you won't have to worry about me raging over the mic every time I get dropped by FMG9s or flattened by a predator missile


I have a HD capture card as well and would be more than happy to upload clips to youtube for anyone I play with regularly Incidently here's my channel.


Oh and I also have founder status on ELITE. Apparently that matters to some people? :S


If you're interested, add BEAGL3S on XBL. I'm gonna stop there before this starts to look too much like a lonely hearts ad


See you online.