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Issues With Equipment In Hardcore (Tactical)


I've been playing CoD:MW3 since the launch day, and have been noticing some issues with some of the tactical equipment in Hardcore {Players might be having the same issue in core}. For my first example I wanna bring up EMP Grenades. There have been several times when I would throw an EMP Grenade right next to an enemy equipment or IMS or something around those lines and the item would not be destroyed. The biggest equipment I've seen this happen with is the Bouncing Betties, for some reason they're immune to EMP Grenades from time to time.


Another example I wanna bring is the Scrambler. Why does is effect such a small area of the battlefield while the Portable Radar effects such a large amount? Also, why doesn't the Scrambler effect Claymores, Bouncing Betties, and C4? It seems like this piece of Tactical Equipment is HIGHLY underpowered for something that was such a highly valued piece of equipment in Black Ops. It's not like we can just toss it to an area like the Portable Radar, Bouncing Betties, or C4.


Finally I wanna bring up the Portable Radar. This equipment gives off the wrong impression already just by the name alone, as it is actually just a motion sensor. Honestly, either change the name or give people in Hardcore a zoomed in portion of the map around the Portable Radar. Reduce the area effect of the PR to the size of the Scrambler/Jammer and give the user that portion of the map. Unless the player turns off/picks up the Portable Radar their radar is only the area around the Portable Radar and doesn't allow the player to see any UAVs called in {Regular or Advanced}, like the Camera Spike was in Black Ops.


I didn't know if I should mark this as a question or not, I will be posting the Portable Radar as a suggestion though in another thread cause to me and a lot of people I've talked to about this, it's a fantastic idea.

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    These are all great suggestions, all of which I'm sure will be taken into account when Treyarch makes their next game.


    The key word here is Treyarch. IW has too much pride in their failed forumla to take note any of the good ideas that Treyarch had. That's why they half-assed so much of the stuff that made Black Ops good:


    -Map quadrants (or lack thereof)\



    Along with all those small things that made Black Ops a good game. I'd love for the Scrambler to jam Claymores, Betties and other equipment. However, it wasn't IW's idea, so they won't use it.