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Is fourzerotwo really that stupid?


Red Lightning @redlightning59




@fourzerotwo Why were only two shotguns buffed? Why not the Spas-12, AA-12 and Model?



Robert BowlingRobert Bowling @fourzerotwo


@redlightning596 All shotguns received a buff, besides the Striker which received a slight nerf. Buff = Increased # of pellets being fired.


In Robert Bowling's twitter implys that all shotguns apart from the striker got a increased number of pellets. Is Robert Trolling out of it that he doesn't even know that the spas, aa12 and model still shoot 8 pellets?


Anyway this kind of gives me hope that they might of stuffed up the patch like they did with the akimbo mps, and forgot to add the pellets to these 3 shotguns, but to be honest, I still doubt it.