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I dont understand...


Now that Wii Admin returned from the grave, he/she/it comes back and tells us that the spamming for support did nothing and that a fix was made because of the information on the forums. If we are to believe this then that means any glitch with the game posted on the forums will get to the development team and will be fixed in an update.


The part I dont understand is that 2 months ago a thread was made that listed all bugs/glitches that have been found in the wii version and yet there hasnt been a single update to fix ANY OF THESE PROBLEMS. One of the biggest problems, as wii all know, is that AI controlled killstreaks lagshoot and are completely useless and this has been mentioned countless times.


So, I am genuinely confused as to whats going on. A more recently found exploit got fixed quicker than any 2 month old bug. This doesnt make sense to me. If Wii Admin could answer this question for me (I suspect I only have a limited time frame before he/she/it disappears again for some reason) then that would be very much appreciated.

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    Welcome to my world.

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      It really doesn't make any sense. You're talking about 2 and a half months of people complaining about certain things, but no response. Its goos they fixed the Map exploits. BuT Akibos needs to be fixed, along with FMG9. Air support makes no sense how weak it is. And the frame rate slow downs seriously gets you killed on  your streaks. If you guys didn't want to patch this game, you shouldn't of made it patch-able, or make it for Wii at all. Do your JOB and fix this crap, or you loose all my respect.


      We should be treated equally as all the other consoles, not like "Well its on Wii.. soo I'll fix it when I'm good and ready". NO! Fix it NOW!!!! Or you're going to have a hell of a lot of angry gamers, yes us people on Wii are GAMERS too. So we'll continue to spam your customer support, email, and forums.


      Unfair, lazyass bastards. You disgust me.

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    The shooting into the ground getting random kills(teleporting bullets) thing needs to be patched or the game will die.