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I'm a Cheater

Well not really


been bashing away at my ranks for sometime now and unlocked a really cool title last night. not had much hate mail lately but boy when i put the title on that all changed


thanks to the 1 guy who asked me how to get

but as for the 10 or so messages in less than 2 hours calling me a cheater hacker ect and reporting me cos of a title i earned, well good luck because crying wolf will come back to haunt when you do come across a cheater and report them and ms says not that kid reporting again.


Anyways you prob waiting for me to mention the title


Barret.50cal 1000 headshots ( all the hate over a title )


has anyone got this ?

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    nope, only got another 975 to go, lol. well done you,

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    Yeah I think if u use a gun enuff the headshots will max out without trying people just think everyone is a cheater or cheap player now and look for ways to ***** and complain

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    Ahaha at least you accomplished a pretty significant challenge.  All I had to do was use Extreme Conditioning and run around with an SMG to be called a cheater last night.  Yep, I run faster than everyone else and went 24-3 when everyone else went 15-15 all thanks to my super secret "awesome" hack.


    Oh, I also live in my mom's basement and my dad is an alcoholic.  I didn't even have a basement growing up...


    Sometimes I am very scared for the future of our civilization.

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    It seems like its been long enough for this title to be won by some. But about 2 months ago when I saw the gold skulls for 1000 headshots with an ACR, yea then that might be a little fishy lol. But thats awesome, those gold skull titles look sweet. To bad I couldnt snipe to save my moms life lol. The closest I'm at is with the MK14, with like 400 or so. Anyways, Cheers!