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Official Apologies to Joker


Well, its time. He said we would be thanking him when we got the fix. I kept on telling myself "The day treyarch fixes the game, i'll throw a cookie in the trash". Well, cookie is in the trash. The video that joker posted on the forums..that video was going to get famous anyways. What joker did was put the video out there for the devs to see. HE knew he was going to get hate and trolled. But he still did it. And guess what happened? We got a fix. So I guess now its time to start apologizing to joker. Sorry joker. And no, i do not want to know how you got those scars.



Edit: I'm seeing a lot of trolling around here, directed towards jokers and towards my un-ortrolldox action. So to set the record straight....


Joker DID NOT MAKE THE VIDEO. Who made the video? Some guy in the MEX clan.

Who didn't test the game properly? Not joker!

Who rushed the devs to release the game? Not joker!


What did Joker do? He found a gamebreaking glitch. He did some meditating and calculating. Ic0nb0y made a video about a gamebreaking glitch. Since half of ic0nb0y's subs are 5 year old cheaters, those 5 year old cheaters would have searched all over youtube for the glitch. They would've found a tutorial. They would've done the glitch. Meanwhile, everyone in the CoD forums is confused. The devs see what's wrong but they don't know how to duplicate it. No one is man enough to take the hate and the troll to post a tutorial to the glitch in the forums, telling the devs "HERE, NOW FIX IT!". Who was man enough to be the first one to post it on the forums for the devs to see?(After all, that's what the forums are for). Joker. Would you have done the same thing? Survived thru so much hate. Did anybody think that the hate might have caused joker to have some emotional distress? Maybe he felt bad? Now I'm apologizing for being an a*s to joker, because i was telling him it was all his fault when I was just mad at the fact that the game was even more broken and I needed a scapegoat. Its human nature. In desperate times ,we look for escapegoats. Our escapegoat was joker. Now go think about it.


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