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Prestige token for double xp didn't work



So one of my token ran out for double xp for 2 hours I went back to the barracks and saw it had ran out and thought I still have 3 prestige tokens left so I'll use another for another 2 hours of double xp. But it didn't go live when I checked barracks.


I backed out of online and shut down the ps3 and then went back into online and still it hadn't gone live didn't show me as being xp in barracks.


Is this a known fault? Is there any way to report it and get it back at al?





Im an elite founder member also.

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    Hey, I just had this same problem.  I ended up contacting customer support on the activision website via their chat function.  They needed to verify my email address, login, and gamertag for my elite account and my xbox live account.  After that was done, they checked and saw that I was owed the double xp and credited it to my account.  I then logged into mw3 and went to the barracks....here it took about 30 seconds or so, but it finally showed up with my double xp for 2 hours.  The whole process took about 10 minutes and the customer support was fantastic!