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Issue With Team Equipment And Strike Packages Need Fixing!


First, I've only noticed this in Hardcore since it's all I play. I've mentioned this before, but nothing has been done about it and now it's getting out of hand drastically! I'm sick and tired of my own team destroying my equipment and my strike packages. I throw down a Bouncing Betty my own team mates shoot it, or I'll set up a SAM Turret or some Ballistic Vest and my own team mate runs up and destroys it so they have a point going towards their Strike Package. This is UNACCEPTABLE! I do report them for Exploiting and Cheating {I consider it cheating since they're destroying our stuff in turn helps the enemy team keep their stuff up longer}, but I shouldn't have to do this. So here's what I'm suggesting. Turn all Strike Packages into Ricochet so that when my own team runs up to destroy it, it kills them instead. However, if they stand infront of a Sentry Gun as it's going off, it kills them as well. This is to prevent them from just standing infront of the Sentry Gun giving you Deaths just to be a douche bag. Have it be the same way with Lethal and Tacital Equipment. I'm sick and tired of my team mates destroying my Bouncing Betties, Claymores, Scramblers, Portable Radars, and Trophy Systems. They'll either destroy them, or sit infront of your BB/Claymores/C4 so that when it goes off it kills you. This is starting to seem like an Exploiting System IW has set up to ensure that people can screw over their team without getting killed by team.