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AWESOME guide to the MP5!

Hello and welcome =) For my fourth weapon guide, I decided to feature the MP5 due to popular demand. In the video below, I cover many things relating to this weapon and test several features such as the usefulness of attachments, proficiencies and damage over range. On paper, it is not as powerful as most of the other SMGs. However, with the right class, the right approach and the right playstyle, it can yield great results!






I can summarise with 3 main tips for success with this weapon:



1) I won't lie; the MP5 poses a greater challenge than most of the weapons in the game. However, I have had great fun running around with it, and attaining high scores has quite satisfying. It has forced me to adapt and to develop my gun skills + my situational awareness. These are transferable skills that have helped me attain higher scores overall with other weapons. In other words, when you challenge yourself with difficult weapons, your in-game ability can improve, so when you revert to weapons that are easier to use, you may find yourself attaining greater success than before.



2)  Due to this weapon's low RoF, you may be disadvantaged in CQC against other SMGs, such as the PP90 and the MP7. In order to compensate for this, I'd recommend taking measures to increase your chances of getting the first shot on your opponent. There are several ways to do this:



~ By using Quickdraw/Steady Aim pro

~ By pre-firing around corners

~ By firing from the hip before ADSing in CQC



3) The MP5 is great for aggressive rushing, as it has low reload, raise and drop times. This will allow you to run around, killing enemies swiftly, reloading with speed and then moving on to the next target. Try to stick to CQC, as this weapon's recoil will prevent you from getting mid-range kills with any sort of ease. I'd suggest carrying a secondary weapon on which you can rely to take care of your mid-long range engagements, such as the MP9 with Extended Mags.



What are your tips for success with this weapon?