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Need A Decent Clan (Xbox 360)

Im looking for a decent goal oriented, team based clan. Who likes to have fun during multiplayer but gets to work in clan matches. Team doesnt have to be perfect, but not looking for no skill requirement either. Im very familiar with GameBattles and some MLG as Ive competed in both for Rainbow Six Vegas. I have led and been in tournament winning clans and teams so Im not looking for some rookie group with no experience. I want  a team that will play together but also compete with the goal to win, but not the main focus. I have ability to record and edit videos, only 720 x 480 at this time and would make clan videos. I can make websites and logos and such. I am an Elite Premium Founder, signed up on GameBattles and active every week. I live in Florida and my timezone is EST but thats not too big of a deal im sure. My ratio is a little low due to me being a BlackOps oriented player and getting use to things. Its steadily on the incline. I do work and have a child but I do usually get on atleast every night for a few hours and would love to attend practices.

Quick Stat Run Down:

Gamertag: HaZe 904

Ratio: 1.22 Overall

Age: 21
Prestige: 3rd Level 70
Elite Premium Founder With EXP Bonus Still
GameBattles Fluent
Active Player

Years Experience In Copetitve Gaming: 7



Heres a video of some of my MW3 gameplay: