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Why dose Infinity ward ignore fun advancements made by Treyarch??


I do like MW3 thats for sure. But I did get annoyed at the start, as so many fun minor things from Black ops were not added. Treyarch are very good in my oppinion at including the things IW put in their games that people liked and build apon them. But it seems IW ignore Treyarch inventions Just because they Are made from Treyarch. Its almost Like IW feel they are so superior to Treyarch that they can leave things out from 3arc cods and still be better, but I think the popularity shift is happening toward Treyarch, for this very reason and the arrogance and ignorance showen by IW.


Some of the cool little things ignored for me are:


Face paints, It was a fun customisation that was harmless and easy to include.
All sorts of fun custom reticules.
Ability to create your own emblems. I had hours of fun being creative.
Avatars wearing different clothing depending on your perk.
Making it so the person that drops the guy into second chance/final stand gets the kill rather than the guy with the stray bullet at the end.

In depth stat tracking, some people like stats, some dont. But if you do there was heaps that you could have fun playing around with.
The ability to watch your friends recent games, I loved being able to do that In Black ops.
Being able to see the score board in theatre, I mean that is such a epic fail restricting this in MW3.
No tact insertion in FFA, that was a total no brainer.


Its just a few that came to mind, even though these are small things, it seemed like a good direction to go. But then MW3 comes out and in some respects its like the menu graphics and other small things went back in time.


I know they took the theatre mode and split screen idea, but really that was a do or be crucified. And even then they managed to totaly destroy theatre mode.


I think the two studios should take the best of each and build on it, If they did there would be no limit to how great Cod could be.


Just my thought.