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Clan recruiting RaGe (MW3 Wii)

its 100% legit no hackers or glitchers straight skill ! the clan is called RaGe its not any specific category of clan we have our snipers and our regular players!



-no glitching/hacking

-kdr must be 1.0 or higher

-must have skills in the playlists:

S&D, KC, TDM, and DOM

-good sportsmanship

-and you have to prove youself your worthy to be in the clan!


if you wanna join, leave your friend code below and ill add you, my name is RaGe-GaZii[RS] and my co-leader is RaGe-Ko0ts[RS]

if you add me with my ally code ill accept you and you msg me and tell me you want to join and ill get back to you!

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------

my ally code

RaGe-GaZii[RS] 0327-7522-7568





if you are a sniper let me know cause we have (we as in our snipers/quickscopers) our own little tag ill let you know if you add me