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  • 150. Re: New Community Playlist: INFECTED

    you want throwing knives out but you want to keepo your precious scavenger AND SLEIGHT of hand

    whos bad?


    the only poeole that should drop ammo are survivors tunring infected

  • 151. Re: New Community Playlist: INFECTED

    Prolonged rant about what is wrong with infected (unless they already some of these):


    1) When joining a game mid-session you always start out as a survivor.

    Pointless. What happens now is when people turn into zombies they just quit and join back in and ta-da, they're humans again. I've had people leave and join back in half a dozen times in a single game.


    2) This is important: either bring back throwing knives OR make the survivors unable to jump or climb ladders (OR make the zombies able to jump a lot higher, might also work). Might sound stupid but seriously, when you have a couple of survivors climb a set of ladders and camp up top and pick off zombies as they come up one by one, there is literally no way that the infected can get a single kill. And if the infected can ever get a kill, it's as easy as leaving the game and coming right back. Happened to me all day yesterday.


    And to those of you that say infected is all about getting to a good spot and staying there, bullshit. That might have been the case in halo, but keep in mind it was a LOT harder to kill the zombies in that, and all the spots were ones the zombies could easily get to (because they could jump a lot higher). And it was actually risky getting to the good spots. In MW3, you can get to ridiculously good spots with barely any risk involved, and it's quite impossible to get killed unless you fail horribly. Right now the gametype just caters for all those KD whores who camp their asses off without a care in the world. And really, I don't even see how anyone can have fun playing like that.


    You don't need to get an impossible camping spot to do well in zombies. Just camp behind some car or fence or choose some open area where you can see the zombies coming from far. It's fun to do, and in no way unfair to the zombies. That's what I think Infected should play like.   


    3) 10 minute games?? Do you know how much that promotes camping? There's always someone out there who's willing to sit there for 10 minutes straight, just as long as they get 0 deaths, because all they care about is some goddamn number on the screen that no one even really cares about. What happened to playing games to have fun?

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    Jesus christ, shut the **** up. It's quite clear you're one of the saddos who sit on top of a truck with 10 of his teammates being completely invinible to the poor infected trying to climb up the front 1 at a time.



    I laugh at you now, and stay out of range while chucking a well aimed throwing knife right into your cowardly face, no cheap moabs for you anymore

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    I know right and also the spots they blocked online are now blocked in private matches too so i cant even have a lobby of friends to play how we like

  • 154. Re: New Community Playlist: INFECTED

    Hmm good try but you do realise the majority of mw3 players prefer non throwing knife games, that's why people only vote for knife v mp5...


    It is cheap moabs anyway, I had 2 today from sitting in an open spot on lockdown. It's not hard at all because your looking 1 way and you constantly pick ammo packs up. No matter how they alter this game some idiot like you will think that's cheating because I'm out and about racking up the kills whilst your there as an infected helplessly running at me with your 1-20 k/d

  • 155. Re: New Community Playlist: INFECTED

    Agreed, you can just run around picking people off from every direction and basically having unlimited ammo.


    That's great, if you keep getting killed and not enjoying cod then simply don't play infected because it's not your game type. Try drop zone or tdm because there's still helpless low levels on it

  • 156. Re: New Community Playlist: INFECTED

    The only reason most MW3 players like nonthrowing knife games is because

    YES it was the largest selling video game EVER

    millions on NEW people bought the game.

    and MILLIONS of new people are not good.

    hence why


    because they are NEW and super BAD.

    If you know what i am saying.

  • 157. Re: New Community Playlist: INFECTED

    First off: You did an amazing job of taking out the jug modes and adding the new modes with great guns, I applaud you on that.


    Second: WHAT THE **** WERE YOU THINKING WHEN YOU ADDED AN AA12 WITH 16 bullets? Not only is it the worst shotgun, it burns through ammo faster than any other gun in the game and has terrible damage/accuracy. PLEASE REMOVE IT.


    Third: ..THREE throwing knife game modes? Are you ******* kidding me? At least make it two. I'd prefer none, but I guess the less skilled infected players would prefer throwing knives.


    Main point: RSASS? Are you ******* KIDDING ME? How on earth is that fun? Did you think it was gonna be "fun" for quickscopers? Or were you just trying to go "outside the box"?

    If you're adding some new fun game modes add some with submachine guns or assault rifles...not ******* snipers or pistols. And DEFINITELY NOT AN AA12. THE STRIKER IS ******* FINE.


    And please..please.. remove RSASS throwing knives. Honestly.. what the hell is the point of that game mode? You can't camp.. all the spots have death barriers.. so you have to run around the map.. with an rsass? I don't understand your logic IW. I don't. Here, take some of my ******* common sense and shove it up your asses.



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    Ever heard of a private match? FFS. Sourtarget - go to TTG, GB, or even this website and set up an infection game to your liking. Kick whoever you want. Easy as that.

  • 159. Re: New Community Playlist: INFECTED

    I love infected and what you guys did here made me happy. However, in my honest opinion, it was kind of ruined. With the death barriers on, there is no possible way to go in those spots and I myself go in those spots everytime. It really makes the game more fun. Without them, the style of this game changed dramatically. My suggestion is to turn of the barriers but put throwing knives on. If not, at least make turn the barriers on a private match off, or, you could put an option for the host to turn on and off the barriers. In general, infected is very fun and challenging but plz consider my suggestions.

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