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Blastshield Pro is duff?


I've been trying to work out how I hate Blastshield Pro in MW3. Flak Jacket and Tactical Mask Pro combined into one perk!?! I was jizzin in my pants at first. But it's useless in Hardcore. And the resistance to tactical nades doesn't seem just as effective?


But then I realized. It's none of benefits of those perks I'm missing. It's just my wee tin of gas I miss the most. 

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    blastshield pro is pretty useless tbh. 

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      But as part of the specialist package it's AMAZING. When you're going specialist all you have are the perks and a MOAB. So having blast shield come in to that mix is just such a huge bonus to you. Also for game types like team defender, CTF, head quarters, domination... things like that, if you make the right class blast shield can be pretty awesome.


      Use some C4 in game modes like that vs the oposition and you'll start to appreciate how much it can do for you

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    Yeah its pretty annoying. Without taking damage i was killed by a tube. SO WEAK. Not to mention there is no difference when pro.

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    the worse perk is extreme conditioning pro only climb obstacles faster?

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      This is so true, climb obstacles faster is stupid, it never makes a difference in these maps, or almost never. Plus how quickly you seem to run out of stamina even with marathon on... It's supposed to be great for rushing but you don't even recover your stamina faster, so basically you get one long sprint then have to wait longer for it to fill up again... They should have also made it increase stamina regen.

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    I agree with the guy above who mentioned the Specialist package. Blast shield would never be a got to perk in any tier, but within specialist it's Goddly