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(Two) Ideas to Improve this Series (Activision-Wide not just IW or 3A)

Idea 1:  Volunteer Moderators Overseen by Call of Duty staff.  I'm sure there are a lot of good players out there that can get Moabs without boosting and such, but that being said there are many (probably on the order of 10:1) more modders than there are honestly good players.  If Activision let those of us who like this franchise help to moderate it, we probably wouldn't need as many updates to the game AND the modding population would go down dramatically.  We'll never eliminate modding altogether, as some actually like wasting money on everything from new accounts to new consoles, but the volunteers would help quite a bit.  To those worried about the volunteer moderators abusing their power, remember that Call of Duty staff would/should be watching them.  I get that Activision "Can't afford"/"is too cheap" to monitor the franchise effectively, so this should help as the volunteers, by definition, would be free and what few (despite the supposed increase which Elite allegedly helps pay for) staff would only have to watch the moderators.  It's a lot easier, for a staff of dozens (at best) to watch the moderators (numbering at most 250K) than it is to try and watch the MILLIONS of players as a whole


Idea 2: Fix matchmaking so that you don't get thrown into two main types of undesirable games: games you just left (presumably because modders were jacking up your KDR) or games where one team is "pwning" the other.  The first could be fixed (simply) by adding a unique identifier to the matches so that the game can skip over matches that you've recently (i.e. last five minutes) left (at least if you have such an option selected if it made available to you).  The second could be avoided by "grading" the matches as they progress with a fresh match starting with say a score of 10 and going down to 0 as one team gains more and more of a (score and/or objective) advantage over the other.  This could then interact with a setting in options to avoid games with various scores or less (I might tolerate a game that goes down to a 5, but others might want to effectively ignore such a score and set it to zero).


Lesser ideas include getting rid of the Striker (I prefer to call it the strOker, as it seems to require so little aiming that your other hand is free to ... ), Demoting shotguns back to secondary weapons, and adding more game types to the community playlist ("Infected" game types might be a good start).  I know such game types can be created and played but those aren't on the same level as they would be on the actual playlists and as such don't add XP or anything else that you gain from "sactioned games" like "Domination".

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    I agree with the not getting thrown into a lobby you just left, but I think the other one isn't very productive. Sure, it hurts to enter a game you have no chance to win, but to me this would cause the Halo style of once people are gone, they're gone. I'd rather get thrown into a bad game every once in awhile myself if it meant more games finished with full teams. Honestly, I'd combat this by punishing the people who left. If you leave a game with less than 1 min left, you get banned 10 min from playing. That's just my opinion, and will probably never be implemented.

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      As I understand Halo, and it's drawbacks, one of them is that you get punished for leaving matches (i.e. "banned" for 10 minutes after leaving so many matches), regardless of whether or not you end up in modded matches.  I hate both sides of "rage quiting", but to punish people for it is a step too far (at least until modding is gotten "under control").  One should try to stay in and get whatever XP and such they can, but if whichever stat(s) you care about are suffering cause you get killed by a slug from someone who's reloading  or you put an entire clip into them point-blank and center-mass but they kill you with one pistol shot to your foot after passing you and turning around, you should be able to quit such a match without penalty.

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    Honestly I don't understand the "can't afford" part of moderating the game. They're able to hire Jay Leno to do a video for Elite. What. The ****.