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Poll/Petition: The removal of akimbo machine pistols Please sign

well i did a little search to see if anyone has done anything official, actually tried to get a petition or poll going on whether or not the community wants these little suckers


imho we don't need them.  They promote spraying and praying and drop the highest killstreaks with ease.  Since they cannot properly nerf these weapons the next best shot if just removing them from online gameplay.  If you and your boys wanna private match and spray each other down with them thats fine by me.  My guess is you won't because spraying down your boys won't be any fun.  Trolling around on randoms is.


Anyways, please sign this.  I hope to have a decent size list that i will tweet to RB and maybe some others on twitter. That is where most of the responses get made


Please, Please don't respond with, "You mad bro" or any other unintelligent slur you may come up with.  I'm serious about getting this game a little bit fairer.  These weapons are trolled the most and they need to be addressed by us.