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  • 70. Re: Class Action Against Activision/Sledgehammer/infityWard Etc

    Adrenaline wrote:


    this thread shows many that bought the game are not happy with it.

    I am a Xbox user and I will NOT pay up front for maps(elite). If I want them when they come out I will purchase them then. Say no to the crap subscription, say no to pay for elite on xbox

    more power to ya...  not that I care...  meanwhile, I have new maps to play on....

  • 71. Re: Class Action Against Activision/Sledgehammer/infityWard Etc

    LegalEagle wrote:


    Everything Vic27 says is like BLAH BLAH BLAH.

    this right here is why he has no case and will not have a case anytime in the near future or even distant future...  calls everyone self-opinionated arseholes but yet he comes back with childish remarks because everyone is telling him the same thing.

  • 72. Re: Class Action Against Activision/Sledgehammer/infityWard Etc

    opdrams19 wrote:


    Since you are unhappy with every response, why don't you go to a place that is more suited to what you want, such as an attorney's office.  I am sure that there are many lawyers that would be happy to take your money to pursue your case.

    They will happily take his money for the consult and then tell him that there is nothing that he can do because he fails at reading.... the TOS

  • 73. Re: Class Action Against Activision/Sledgehammer/infityWard Etc

    bringyoursmores wrote:


    I was going to and still will put a post on a class action lawsuit against them because I'm an adult over 17 and yet I get put in these matches with kid's, I can tell because they talk over the mic and at the end of the game they have such a bad score it makes Team Death Match worthless in playing! What really get's me is It say Rated M for mature on the packege and there is cursing in the game yet when I go into Team Death Match and through out a swear here and there because I was cought off guard or the match just really sucks because of the lag then what give's some under aged punk to tell me to watch my language or he'll report me and the fact that they give them the option to do so tells me they are catering to under aged kid's and sold me something I thought would have an adult level game play!! If any adult feels the same lets get or money back!!!!

    you sir are a phucking idiot

  • 74. Re: Class Action Against Activision/Sledgehammer/infityWard Etc

    MrFelon wrote:


    multiplayer you can say "works" fine , but we all know over a 3 month period that the staff at COD has neglected their customers .


    -hit registration- works fine for me

    -spawn system- stop rushing to the other side...  control the spawns

    -failure of bans- not sure where you are getting that since people are getting banned.

    -no-lock on with RL

    -bad host migration- migration isn't the issue... 

    -bad stat counter - only people who truely care about stats are mostly the kids

    -prestige token glitch not fixed- people still getting banned for it

    -elite maps playable by non-elite members- on elite members xbox....

    -no penalties for rage quitters- cry some more

    -cheating/boosting in elite tournies- getting banned for it too


    these are all problems plus more

    so... what's your point?

  • 75. Re: Class Action Against Activision/Sledgehammer/infityWard Etc

    I do have a legal background, so a couple of questions for you:


    1. Did you and any representatives from IW or Activision negotiate and/or sign a contract which stipulated performance metrics which must be satisifed?


    2. Did you agree upon an arbitration method prior to engaging in litigation?


    3. Did the product you purchased make any claims or guarentees regarding:

    a. Lag ( as a feature or possibe detractor)?

    b. No children under the age of 17 or rather, 'mature' adults would be the only ones playing the game online from countries all over the world?

    c. Any guarentees whatsoever?


    4. Did you enter into ANY contractual agreement with IW or Activision which would hold them liable for your satisfaction?



    If the answer to all of those is NO, (and I know it is) then you sir, do not have a case except in some Podunk, back woods court where a judge is seeking noteriety.

  • 76. Re: Class Action Against Activision/Sledgehammer/infityWard Etc

    LegalEagle wrote:


    As a consumer who has purchased MW3 Elite (and all your other 'CoDs'), I am completely fed up with the Stalinist attidtude towards the gaming community. We have chosen to buy a product on the basis that it would provide entertainment that is completely functional (works) and this MW3 version does not work properly in Multiplayer mode.


    ''Activision' take our cash but do not provide a product that works properly. Hit detection in multiplayer mode is still a problem and allegedly users with a good connection are still being penalised in game. They even take part of the product away e.g. Drop Zone without any in-game warnings to the user. The Elite component did not work on launch and is very disappointing in its current state, certainly not value for money. I don't see how other manufacturers could get away with what they are doing.


    Please can legal professionals advise.

    anything can be done, if u got enough of people
    look at Ron Paul movement for example


    but truth is also that Jessie Ventura didnt even got chance to have trial against TSA, they just swept his lawsuit under carpet


    game is broken, and months passed away and it s still not fixed
    funny thing is that people dont even care, they love to be cheated, stolen from or lied to
    and they re even defending thieves!


    nice slave mentallity
    yeah right, "land of freedom, home of brave" ...not anymore


    PS- people who said multiplayer s ok, are probably stealing neighbour s wifi or are lagswitching


    btw u can check how game s broken at


    almost 300 pages of complaints

  • 77. Re: Class Action Against Activision/Sledgehammer/infityWard Etc

    So you want to sue and get $60?  How about you get a job and work 9 hours instead.

  • 78. Re: Class Action Against Activision/Sledgehammer/infityWard Etc

    my game works fine... maybe you are just terrible.. also you get all the frickin maps that you would have had to pay for anyways if you didn't have elite.. i dont understand what everyone is always whinning about... i just wish they would hurry up with clan operations.

  • 79. Re: Class Action Against Activision/Sledgehammer/infityWard Etc

    I thought you were trolling for a second, then I realized you're serious. Are you fing serious? You cant find legal advice here, this is a community forum. If you REALLY want to bring a lawsuit against Activision then go get a lawyers advice, dont come here complaining.

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