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Class Action Against Activision/Sledgehammer/infityWard Etc

As a consumer who has purchased MW3 Elite (and all your other 'CoDs'), I am completely fed up with the Stalinist attidtude towards the gaming community. We have chosen to buy a product on the basis that it would provide entertainment that is completely functional (works) and this MW3 version does not work properly in Multiplayer mode.


''Activision' take our cash but do not provide a product that works properly. Hit detection in multiplayer mode is still a problem and allegedly users with a good connection are still being penalised in game. They even take part of the product away e.g. Drop Zone without any in-game warnings to the user. The Elite component did not work on launch and is very disappointing in its current state, certainly not value for money. I don't see how other manufacturers could get away with what they are doing.


Please can legal professionals advise.

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