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One problem with Infection


Infection is great. I think I am going to get back into this game. Loved it in Reach, and now its in CoD. However, I found one little problem with it;you still complete challenges while playing. Earning XP is fine, since it means that people will play it, but challenges like 'Survive 5 mins' are extremely easy. I was actually annoyed when I unlocked all the high KD and long life challenges. You may be thinking thats a good thing, but it feels so cheap, and I dont feel like I have achieved this way. Its too late for me, but IW, could you please fix this little problem with the game mode.

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    One problem? I can name a few


    Earning XP

    Earning Challenges

    Kills counting to your KD

    Deaths counting to your KD

    Wins counting towards your w/l

    Losses counting towards your w/l

    Earning gun XP

    The last survivor losing, shouldn't they win? I mean it's not like they were the last alive or anything.

    More whiny kids than SnD

    Games dragging on because people quit when infected

    People being dropped into the game as survivors everytime an infected quits, dragging the game out even longer


    Pretty sure there's more.

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    My problem is the minimap giving away my hiding spot to teamates, who promptly die and make a beeline for wherever I am, even if I wasnt even near them.


    Also, as the op said, I got the 10 kill streak with no strike package achievement, it felt a bit cheap.


    I too hate the striker, would rather use a silent Shotty or SMG to fit my hiding playstyle.


    The juggernaut ones are just plain stupid, 16 juggies with magnums vs 2 dudes with strikers?  Why?


    The whiney kids are as bad as ever but thats what mute is for I guess.


    Overall its pretty fun but a few improvements could help.