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[Wanted] Ground War Team [Wanted]

About me:

  • My name is Mark
  • 18 years old
  • Music, gaming, technology (computer-related), comedy (tv shows, movies, etc.), the rest we can just find out on live


What I'm looking For:


  • Ground War team
  • Play competitively - not looking for the best, just good gameplay
  • Play in the range of 5-10 hrs. a day (depending on the day, I can play more)
  • Quickscoping, regular guns, doesn't matter
  • Hang out (Talk in party chat, chill, etc.)

How it will work:

  • We'll play 3 games together; if I think you're cool to hang around or good, I'll add you




  • Send message to the gamertag: Sublimme
  • I'll respond as soon as I can, although I more than likely will be busy due to getting a friends account to 10th prestige.  This shouldn't be a problem for more than a few weeks at most


If someone here already has a team of the following mentioned in this post, please send me a message on xbox live if interested.  We can work out what ever is preferrable; thank you.