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PS3 Scrim - Deathmatch, killconfirmed or team defender - UK only


Basically what the title says.


My clan "Gamers Anonymous", is looking for another clan to play against. We want them to meet certain requirements, we have had alot of problems lately with fail clans that have more members than us that cant even scrape together like 25% of their elite clan to get a 6 vs 6 game going.



  • Must play team deathmatch, kill confirmed or team defender (CORE ONLY)
  • Must be from the UK so the lag is not bad for either clans,
  • Must have active members that will show up on the date of the match,
  • Should have a simuler clan to ourself, we have 16 members with an average clan k/d of between 1.5 - 2.2,
  • Should be mature (Preferably have members over the age of 17 to play like ourselves), dont want a clan that is going to cry, complain, accuse us of cheating, hacking, being noobs, campers etc etc.




I dont have any problem with the games being set out as they would in public games, however we can also talk about disabling certain weapons or equipment (ie. Claymores, bettys, launchers, noobtubes, underbarrel shotguns, portable radar).


This is our first clan match however I do understand that their have been some problems hosting due to people being signed up to elite clans. I prefer to host as I have a very reliable 20meg fibre optic connection that has been testing thoroughly in the past whilst hosting private games for friends.

You should be willing to take off clan titles and tags as this apparently helps when joining private lobbys. I will be hosting from my non main account (ga.spank) as it is not in any elite clan or registered to elite at all. From what I can tell this is required to host a decent private lobby on modern warfare 3 over the size of 10 players if any of the players involved are in clans on elite.


Contact me on PSN or PM me here if you want to try and organise something.