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M60 tryhard noob.....Haaa


This game never fails to amaze me.  I finally got my M60 gold (not so easy really) and it is pretty dam cool lookin.  It is the only gun I use a rds on because the irons are horrible.  I have said before I am not good at the game and right in the middle but once in awhile I catch a hot streak and rock it pretty good.


So playing domination yesterday and Dome comes up.  I figure rather than use a shotty or SMG like myself and everyone else usually does  ill change it up and roll with my gold M60.  Anyway it was one of those games where I had a team helping me cap and I ended up going  like 54-13 and the post match hate and hate mail afterword were crazy. 


Now I cant camp ever, even with a LMG so I was moving the whole match and some kid in thelobby got all of his buddies going on what a tryhard noob you had to be to use the M60 LMFAO...get out of here.  It is one of the hardest guns to use I think.  It was a fairly close match and I had to re-cap B numerous times so its not like it was a spawn trap but I do think its funny how if you do well no matter what set up you use it was a tryhard noob set up....just cracked me up and Im sure you guys who rock all of the time get endless hate mail.  Guess its nice to be that guy uh.......I kinda enjoyed the hate mail..haa.

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    Lmao god what a guy. All this complaining is leadinding to some ridiculous stuff lol, it's like a free pass to somepeople who'll just complain about anything. I got called a try hard using the model one game, so go figure.

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    Lol that's what online gaming has become now a days tho.  Everyones so worried about looking "PRO" that no one ever gives any credit to anyone else.  And if you beat someone you must be a "no life tryhard" as I've been called lol.

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    Yeah, you must be horrible! You know trying hard and all to win or to succeed.  Please just stop trying.  Just bow down to the "All Mighty" and let yourself get owned like the rest of us!