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MW3 Double XP

Why? It's ridiculously easy to rank up in MW3. Also, its a Treyarch thing...and why don't people understand that all work on WAW and MW/2 have stopped? Nothing new will release for them.


This board is full of mindless monkies...no wonder people hate console gamers. I'm starting to hate myself just for being associated with watery tarts like most of you. Note, there are exceptions but they are few and far between.


What gives me the authority to say this? F**k you that's what.

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    Does someone have a tissue?

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    So are we talking about double xp or dlc for previous games? I don't mind double xp. And good for you, its easy to rank for you.


    If you would stop posting it would help this board being filled with "mindless monkies"

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    It's easy to rank for everyone, especially with Infected now. I understand not everyone is going to be amazing at the game but it's called a learning curve for a reason.

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    I do agree with the point it is too easy to rank up, I'd like to see everyone being forced into using a whole range of guns, perks, etc before they can move beyond a certain ranks as well as unlocking new guns.  I also would like to see forced Prestige, you hit 80 and then you Prestige automatically, allowing people sit on 80 with everything to hand and unlocked just doesn't make sense.

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      I think you're missing the point of PRESTIGE. It wouldn't be prestige if you automatically did it... it would just be Level 81. The point is to give up everything to show that you're a bad-ass (or something to that effect).


      I have to admit, I do like the requirements to level idea. Rather then just points, you need complete certain tasks.


      Get 500 kills with a sniper, Get 500 kills with a certain perk, etc....THAT would make prestiging more prestigious. To have to grind through some really bad weapons in order to level would make losing everything more of sacrifice.

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      well actually trying too finish different challenges is a reason too stay at level 80

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    Someone missed their Ritalin this morning.

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      I don´t think that it´s too easy, the usual gamer takes many months to reach prest 10 so where is the point?

      What I hate much more is that people, that boosted, bug used and much more in old titles like mw 2 or bo STILL benefit  (through the many prestige tokens they get )from the crime they did to the online community.

      At the end of the day I can live with that, there will always be some little cheating ***holes