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JSOC Gaming ( Australian players needed. other are welcome )

hello my gamer tag is xPuncher101x



im in a clan called jsoc gaming (jsoc) and i am recruiting alot of australian players. all tho other players from other country's are welcome. we are a mature clan and play casual or pro. we play many games like call of duty modern warfare 3, battlefield 3 and halo reach. and will soon play more games as we get more members. we have about 20-30 members and stay active on both xboxlive and the clan website ( www.jsocgaming.com ) the clan website is used for interacting with the other members including video chat and a big shoutbox that lets you talk to other members (sort of like msn, yahoo, facebook chat etc ). we also have about 5 gamebattle team's (mlg) for modern warfare 3 and battlefield. if you are interested please regerster on the website and talk to xPuncher101x (me) or pipe808 on xboxlive for a proper welcoming.


thank you


for more info on the clan contact me (xPuncher101x) at Brayden_Keys@hotmail.com or add me on xboxlive.