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February : Overwatch . March : Blackbox ! Wheeeu ! Excited?

It has been confirmed that Xbox premium members recieve Overwatch Feb 21, and Blackbox would be coming to xbox premium members of elite sometime later in march im assuming. Which means ps3 elite will have 0maps by the time xbox gets 3. . . Awesome.. But ps3 would probably get overwatch around march 25th or so and get blackbox towards the end of april when normal ps3 recieve the whole content drop im assuming as well


The timeline would look like this ;


Jan24 xbox elite premium get liberation piazza

Feb21 xbox premium get overwatch

Feb28 ps3 get liberation piazza

Estimated dates ;

Mar20 xbox premium get blackbox and 2 spec ops and xbox non premium get bundle

Mar 27 ps3 premium get overwatch

Apr17 xbox premium recieve next content drop

Apr24 ps3 premium recieve blackbox and ps3 / pc non premium recieve the bundle


And so on, im assuming as well double sp weekends would be centered around when each platforms non premium get the bundle ,,

So xbox around mar20 and ps3 apr24