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Restrictions to Final Stand

I know that IW is not going to be removing Final Stand from the game so I propose these restrictions to balance it.  Some of these will seem a little extreme, but remember, while in final stand you  have about 5-6 bullets inside you and shrapnel from grenades so you arent going to be at your best.


1.No invincibility period, if you fall down and I shoot you, tough luck.

2.You pull out a USP .45 with no attachments NOT your primary or secondary.

3.If you press the weapon switch button, you die, as the movement and bearing of more weight would probably kill you.

4.Pressing the reload button kills you also, as the movement would cause more trauma.

5.If you attempt to move, you die as moving would cause greater trauma and blood loss.

6.The ADS function is removed, hip firing only.

7.Screen should be flashing deep red with lots of gore around the edges making it hard to see.

8.Weapon sway should be very high making accuracy very low.

9.You cannot turn all the way around, only 120 degrees.

10.You are highlighted on the minimap for all too see(exceptions are hardcore and EMP)

11.Anything will kill you at this stage, bullets, flashes, stuns, nades, semtex even throwing a portable radar or dropping a jammer will bring death(All these apply to friendly and enemy equipment so teamkilling is possible, intentional or unintentional.)

12.You have 15 seconds before you die, given that nothing has killed you before then(displayed where the MOAB countdown timer is.)

13.Under no circumstances do you get back up even if you kill the guy who put you into final stand.


I think that sums it up. I apoligize for any punctuation/grammatical errors.

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    i hate final stand so much.  but i agree with






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    Its called final stand because you get back up. So no on 13. No1. Is needed to give a player a chance to even go into final stand or it would be useless, so No to that one too. Everything else I can agree with and would support.

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    They just need to scoreswitch the kill credit like blops and allow headshots to bypass this ability also like blops. This pacifies all. So in other words, the downer recieves kill credit and the finisher recieves assist credit and a headshot will override their entitled "final stand" by them going to instant death.

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    1. You fall down, you DIE.

    2. Pull out a USP.45, DIE.

    3. Even attempt to switch guns, DIE.

    4. Attempt to grab a magazine clip, DIE.

    5. Breath(counts as moving), DIE.

    6. Not allowed to even extend you're arm to ADS, then DIE.

    7. Lots of red stuff AW YEAH!!!

    8. Sway around like your retarded/drunk!!

    9. Turn 121 degress, DIE.

    10. Somehow everybody should be able to see you even though you're on the other side of the map! Proceed to die.

    11. Somebody farts on you, DIE.

    12. 15 seconds left, just enough time to suck a titty..

    13. DIE!

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    I agree with 1,2,8.


    Mainly #1. It takes a full clip and half the time more than a full clip to kill someone with final stand. Becuase of the short invincibilty period.